Would 36mm deep wheels make my bike less stable than 20mm deep wheels?


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I am awaiting a Specialized Diverge Expert 2018. The stock wheels are 700C, with 38mm tires.

I want to replace the wheels with 650B alloy wheels, so that I can put on fatter tires (47mm) to increase stability (the new Diverge can accept 650B wheels and fatter tires).

My choice of wheels are:
Boyd Jocassee Gravel 650B, with rim specs:
24mm internal diameter
36mm deep

Easton EA70AX DISC 650B, with rim specs:
24mm internal diameter
20mm deep

Ardennes Plus LT Disc Brake 650b, with rim specs:
21mm internal diameter
24.5 mm deep

My preference I think would be the Boyd Jocassee, because those wheels (like Easton) has the wider internal rims; and I've read a wider internal rim makes a better fit for wider tires (47mm).

The Ardennes Plus LT Disc Brake looks good, but its internal rim diameter is only 21mm.

I am hesitating to finally go with the Boyd Jocassee because of its rim depth of 36mm.

Will my bike be less stable (due to crosswinds) on the Boyd Jocassee wheels, compared to the Easton EA70AX, whose rim depth is only 20mm deep?

I could just buy the Easton EA70AX wheels, which also has the wider internal rim diameter of 24mm.
But I've read about quality issues with Easton wheels; but I don't know if these are true or not.

Thanks for all opinions!


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No they wont, 38mm deep is about the break point where a cross wind will affect your riding. Heading deeper say to 50mm+ and you have to be wary on fast descents where a cross wind can blow you into the oncoming traffic.

My R3 currently has 38mm deep rims and they are light and day from the 50mm deep rims I had before them.


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I ride 38mm and its ok, unless cross winds are 40kph +..
Btw its only an issue on front wheel, so 50mm deep on the rear is less of an issue.


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38s are fine most of the time and the perfect balance for climbing and flats I reckon.

But, I reckon the aero benefits and potential crosswind impacts are a mute point if you're running 38c of 47c tyres .....