Would this work?

Hey fellas, just wondering if this bike could work for 4x?

Here is the setup and the red indicates what will be put on the bike to make it more suitable for 4x (lighter etc.) The Current weight is around 17kg but I think i could get it down to around 15kg's. Or should i just go the HT?

Frame: 2007 Rocky Mountain Switch
Fork: Marzocchi 55 ATA Adjustable 130-170mm travel with Rebound and Compression adjustment. Rockshox Argyles or fox model
Shock: Fox Van R Coil Fox float RL or Fox float RP2
Handlebar: Raceface Evolve DH 700mm wide Sunline V1
Shifter: Sram X-7 Shimano XTR
Brake: Hayes 9 Hydrolic Disk Shimano XTR
Grips: RMB Lock ons Some ODI's (not really my first priority though)
Tyres: 2.5 Maxxis Minion Front (90% tread), Maxxis Minion Rear 2.3 (50% tread)
Rims: Mavic 325 Do you think these would be alright?
Chain: Sram D4 9 speed
Derailer: Sram X-7 Shimano Saint
Put a chainguide on!
Convert the sprocket to singlespeed (front sprocket)
Cranks: RaceFace Evolve DH Shimano XTR or Saint
Pedals: Flat Ones
Cassette: Sram
Rotors: 8" 6 or 5''
Headset: The PIG
Stem: Rocky Mountain
Seat: Mission X BBB RACE
SeatPost: RMB Eastern (cut down)


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The switch is a freeride bike, very heavy and lots of squish from the suspension. It pedals like a pig. Of course you can use it and see how you go but there would be many things that would be faster and more suitable.


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Have you done much research into what a bike with unbalanced travel rides like?

You're going to drop off 70mm of travel if you go for the argyles - I know the current forks go down to 130, but riding at 100mm all the time will be a pain in the ass and I think the bike is going to ride like a piece of soft feces.

Swapping your gear over to XTR is just completely pointless and you may as well throw your money in the bin. The weight savings will not make up for the continuously braking of parts and having to replace them.

Instead of upgrading your Switch, which would be good with a few thought out upgrades in it's own right, you could spend all that cash on a dedicated 4X bike which would more than likely weigh less and ride better in stock trim than the Switch ever would even with a heap of cash dropped on it.

Kamikazee ideki

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Hahaha, Sam sell your switch and buy a dedicated 4x bike, there is no point in keeping the switch if your not going to do dh and its going to suck for 4x/cost you heaps of $$ to make it anywhere near competitive. Pretty sure we've been over this.:)