Yeti sb6 size???


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Hi all, need a little help with frame size for new bike. I'm looking at a yeti sb6c and was hoping that others with an sb6 can help me out a little? (jtmofo has one so hoping he can give some input)

I test rode a medium with a 50mm stem and felt like I wanted the seat back further but it was at it's maximum, also noted the reverb dropper collet was about 20 mm out of the seat tube with a 125 dropper.

I then tested a large with 50mm stem and felt a bit stretched in the arms, also the reverb dropper collet was bottomed out on the seat tube and I felt I wanted another 10mm or so lower.

Then re rode the medium with a 60stem and felt pretty good, didn't have time to ride the large with a shorter stem.
So question is what's better larger frame shorter stem (shorter dropper also maybe)or medium frame longer stem? I'm thinking the medium is the one but asking for feedback from in the know!
Previous ride was a norco sight in medium and had a 60stem standard. Sb6 being more aggressive geometry I'm assuming would take more setting up to find the sweet spot?Below are both bikes size guides and vital numbers. I should note I'm 5'9 1/4 or 174.5cm shorter legs longer torso, so the shop tells me. One shop puts me on a large the other medium?????????

Norco sight (60mm stem)
M 5'7-5'11. L 5'11-6'2
170-180cm. 180-187cm
Reach. 425mm. 445mm
Top tube. 595mm. 621mm
Seat tube. 435mm. 470mm

Yeti sb6c (50mm stem)
M 5'7-5'11. L 5'11-6'3
170-180cm. 180-191cm
Reach. 426mm. 447mm
Top tube. 606mm. 632mm
Seat tube. 445mm. 483mm
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I've never ridden a sb6 but yetis have tended to be on the larger end of the sizing spectrum compared to some other brands. You are smack bang in the middle of their specified sizing for M so I'd be going for an M ... although this is just internet advice so can't actually see you sitting on the bikes.


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How much growing have you got left to do? (if any)
I have a large 2016 SB6c and I'm 183cm, which is a perfect fit. I personally would go the Large, bigger bikes and short stems seem to be the popular choice with lots of brands making bigger bikes.


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Was the seat still as far back as it could go when you re-rode the medium with a 60mm stem? If so, then perhaps your longer torso is better suited to a large. Alternatively, wider bars on the medium might make for a better fit too.

Really hard to get advice on a forum though, maybe get a proper bike fitting as part of the buying process, before you part with your hard earned.
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I'm 173cm and ride a medium. I know for a fact that a large would be too big for me and was never on the radar.
On the contrary, I was tossing up between a medium and small.
I also have short legs and long torso. (29" inside leg)
I run a 50mm stem.

Sizing is a totally personal thing, but for me the type of riding the SB6c requires suits a frame on the smaller side.
An SB6 feels better the more aggressive you ride it, and a smaller frame is easier to ride hard.

At your height, I would recommend a medium.

Components can be easily changed (wider bars, set back dropper, longer stem etc) but the wrong size frame is an expensive mistake.