You Yangs Trails Now Open


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Hi guys just thought that now the trails are open the title of the old thread was a little miss leading. So if knowone minds i figured someone should start up a new thread. Anyway my report from saturday is below but a big thanks to all the You Yangs trail crew and volunteers we had an awesome day and the trails were super cool!

It bought i big smile to my face to have 2 good mates that are relative newbies to the mountain bike seen yelling, screaming and hooting behind me as they were hitting well made jumps berms and rock gardens having an abssolute blast.


Likes Dirt
headed out to the You Yangs yesterday with a couple of mates that are newbies to the mountain bike thing. They were both on cheap giant hardtails and i took my 2011 XTC 29er1. We rode all the trails in kurrajong in the morning and then went back to the car for a BBQ lunch. Then headed over to stocky yards via the kurajong trails and junction track. Once their we rode down cressy climb and then down quarry pit and over to boulder track, pushed to the top of boulder track twice (because we were buggered) and did 2 runs down boulder and then rode up the hill and over to lactic and then back to the car via junction back to kurajong and down the fast flowy downhill kurajong trails all the way back to the car. What a day the boys had a blast. Might have been a little out of their depth flying down cressy on hardtails and they loved boulder track even if they took it pretty easy. I must say i thought riding junction track from the stockyards car park all the way back to kurajong was awesome lost of awesome turns and berms and some good rock gardens thrown in and then some really fun jumps and berms near the end. Then the super fast run down the flowy trails back to the car and lauching off all the downhill kurajong waterbars was a great way to finish. All in all and awesome day and highly recomended

3 best trails for the day

1. Cressy Climb (awesome)
2. Junction track
3. Boulder track

Well done tall all the you yangs trail crew top work