Zerode G2. / 2.5 large


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There's only one way to find out and that's to ride one. What makes a bike feel good is pretty subjective.
I've ridden and owned all sorts of bikes and the G2 is still my favourite and the bike I've owned the longest. Perhaps it's because I've spent the time to get the build and setup dialled to my liking. Or perhaps the high pivot, centralised mass, instant gear shifts, lack of derailleur to worry about and the quiet ride are really just that awesome.

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^^ so essentially, ride a heap of bikes and then go buy a zerode anyway cause their fuckin awesome.


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I'm not gonna deny that I think the Zerode is bloody awesome, but so is a V10. I just get along better with the Zerode than a V10. Hell, I have more fun riding my Driver 8 than a V10, however I'd rather race a V10 than the driver, if you catch my drift. Its all about what sort of feel you want in a bike and what sort of riding you do.


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What sort of riding are you going to be doing and what are you looking for in a bike? Something that steers well, accelerates through rough shit, stable at speed etc?


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I went from a few bikes to a Zerode to Darkside to now a Jedi.

I now want to go back to Darkside because of the style of riding I enjoy but the Zerode and Jedi are awesome track smashers. The Zerode felt slightly more plowable especially at speed as oppose to the Jedi but the Jedi feels lighter and more agile (basically a lighter Zerode). Both the Zerode and Jedi are very linear (and reward) which makes them awesome for square edge and that endless suspension feeling.. But not so much for parky rat jumping manuals.. which is what brings the biggest smile to my face. Still possible but way easier on the likes of a Darkside.

I did go to the Jedi for that plowability but found that I can't have my cake and eat it too.. so out with the Jedi and back with the Darkside! I just need to find another black one so the missus doesn't notice :spy:

I'd be interested to try a Tues though... being more progressive and no rearward travel should make it more playful.

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I just finished now the Zerode G2 suspension analysis! You might want to give a look.


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Thats pretty accurate.
Wanna go fast, get a Zerode, wanna do jumps and tricks on lower speed tracks, buy something with less rearward axle path. Having said that though, a good shock tune can make the Zerode more "fun". Rearward axle path is great for casing jumps though, if you're always going bigger, won't hang up as much.

All being said, there's no new Large Zerodes availabe for some time now. So grab that used one in the for sale section while you can.
Crankin(the Ozzy Zerode distributors) have Works Components reach adjusting headsets available for mediums though. Gains you 7mm, not much, but if you're on the fence.

Maybe check out the new Comencals if you can't get a Zerode and don't want a Canfield. Or buy a cheap old Balfa BB7 or Trek whatever they were called with the high pivot for cheap as an experiment.