Zip Pay?


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Browsing online stores like MTB's Direct and Pushy's lately (and some non mtb ones) I'm noticing more and more of them are offering services like Zip Pay. They look like a good deal, So long as you pay in the required time. Shop now, pay over a few weeks and pay no extra.
Anyone used any of these services? are there any hidden pitfalls I'm not seeing?


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We are using their zipmoney variant at work and its much more successful than cert/ge/latitude services. Its more up front and service is much better, their goal is based on sign up and return customers more than the traditional high interest hit post interest free period. The zip pay service is spreading fairly fast!


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I used it recently with Pushys and about to again.. Thing is, I got the cash for the item.. But kinda figure why not just pay it over the 8 weeks.. Leave the money in the bank then for anything unexpected etc..


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Afterpay has no fee if you're on time I'm pretty sure.

I've used it, I like spreading the payment over a few weeks. payment was just deducted from cc, no fuss.