Product Review The Dark Side: Canyon Endurace AL 7.0 Disc

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Road bikes on a Mountain Bike website!! have we lost the plot?? Yes, it seems. As life moves on, circumstances change. When getting up at 4am to get your mountain biking fix still doesn’t leave you enough time to get back to your household zoo for witching hour, an ominous cloud of spandex creeps into view. A word of warning, this review is blended with plenty of notes of my experience as a road rookie. Hopefully helpful to anyone looking at giving it a go.


Today we have my first road bike purchase, the Canyon Endurace AL 7.0 Disc (previously the 6.0 when purchased). The selection process of which was quite drawn out, I’d borrowed a couple road bikes off some friends which helped me decide what I liked and wanted. A 2010 Giant TCR, an 2016 S-Works Tarmac and a brief stint on a Cannondale CAD. Each of these bikes were quite different, all rim brakes, carbon wheels on the TCR and Tarmac, alloy wheels on the Cannondale. I rode these bikes in...

Product Review Cleanskin Duo 2200 lumen and Cleanskin Solo 1000 lumen LED lights

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Welcome to the next exciting review on products provided to us by our friends at Mountain Bikes Direct. We've teamed up with one of Australia's best online mountain bike stores to bring you in depth reviews on the latest and most intriguing parts and accessories you can purchase for your bike.

The values shared by the staff at Rotorburn and Mountain Bikes Direct are the same; we have a huge passion for mountain biking! It's our pleasure to be in a great position to test, review and share our in depth details on some great products available from Mountain Bikes Direct.

Cleanskin Duo 2200 lumen front LED light

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Item: Cleanskin Duo 2200 lumen front LED light
Purchased From: Mountain Bikes Direct (Click...

Product Review VP Harrier MTB Flat Pedals

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Item: VP Harrier MTB Flat Pedals
Purchased From: Merlin Cycles
Purchase Price (approx): AUD$85-90
Usage: Installed on a Cannondale 1FG. Only used for light trail, gravel grinding and commuting at this point but will be putting them on the Trek Remedy soon

Pros - light, large pins and great traction and have pins in the middle of the platform, which many platform pedals do not
Cons - not concave enough but doesn't detract greatly from performance

Comments: I'm pretty happy with these pedals as they do everything I need and look good. I have wide feet so prefer a larger platform, these are some of the largest flat pedals around. They are also very low profile so the weight is on the low end at 362 grams for the pair according to the manufacturer (I'll weigh them and take pics myself when I pull them off the 1FG and put them on the Remedy)...