Product Review Box Two drive train

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Mountain biking hasn’t seen a ton of changes to our drive train systems over the years. Sure, there’s been some innovations of late with the one chain ring coupled with a big range cassette and of course the electronic shifting offered nowadays but I’ll bet ninety percent of the bikes you’ve ridden on dirt have a drive train from one of the two main manufacturers; SRAM and Shimano. You’d have you preferred source of buying those brands and if you’re shopping online then you’ve probably found a great buy but can’t have it shipped to our shores in Australia.
You’re not limited to one or two brands though, read on to find out more on the Box Components drive train available from Mountain Bikes Direct!

Item: Box Two 11 speed cassette
Purchased From: Mountain Bikes Direct (Click here for the product page)

Product Review LoamLab Components available in Australia

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During the tenure of testing and reviewing products over the years, I’ve been really lucky to work with some really cool people and share some amazing products from some big names in the mountain bike world through to some young ideas that have become a reality. This one is especially cool for me as I know the Gentleman behind these great ideas, I completely understand his drive to create innovative designs and can guarantee this stuff has been put to the test on some renowned trails worldwide. A long background in downhill riding across Australia and the lush landscapes of Canada, Mark has created some products born of necessity more than just a desire to make something flash. Designing the products himself and seeing this come to life must be so rewarding. I’m really excited to introduce you to LoamLab Components!
The LoamLab Grip is a lock on rubber grip unlike any thin rubber grip I’ve used. Truth be told...

Product Review 2021 Nukeproof Ridewear

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The Nukeproof Technical Ridewear Apparel release is a highlight for me each year. I bang on about this every time I get my hands on it; it’s the best apparel I’ve ever worn. The 2021 range of Blackline and Outline apparel is available through our pals at Chain Reaction cycles and this range is an instant winner that sticks with the proven quality and pricing that propels it far ahead of the rest.

The genres I partake in are gravity fed; downhill and enduro and I’m lucky enough to be able to ride all year round without the interference of snow. Having only worn Nukeproof Ridewear over all the seasons for some time now, I can reassure you that the range is very temperate to whatever season you’re riding in. Cold weather? Nah, no worries! You can layer up with some of the Nukeproof base layers, chuck a Blackline jersey on then top it off with a Blackline jacket. When the sun is still blazing in summer at 7pm and you’re down to one...

Product Review Cleanskin products

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Cleanskin has expanded their range of mountain products very nicely over the last year and it’s loaded with the most practical stuff you can get your hands on but the best part? Its remarkably cheaper than a lot of the other options out there but keeps you in tune with good quality products. I’ve got a bunch of Cleanskin gear in my collection already but now I’m adding these goodies, have a look at this cool range available at MTB Direct!

The Cleanskin clamp workstand is perfect for maintaining your bike at home and folding up into a compact and light package makes it ideal for taking away on riding trips in the car. The bulk of it is aluminium with a firm gripping resin clamp that can hold your bike by the top tube or the seat post. To stop the front end wobbling around, just attach the nifty stabilizer and you’re sorted. It’s rated to hold bikes up to 25kg so you can swing...

Product Review Nukeproof Technical Ridewear

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This may sound like a copy and paste of a previous write up of the Nukeproof Technical Ridewear range but I’m sticking to it; it’s the best apparel I’ve worn riding a bike. With an ever-increasing range of top-notch gear, you can get a kit that will suit you and your bike’s colourway and have change left over to fill your cart at Chain Reaction Cycles.

Coming out of winter in Australia and into summer usually means you’ll go for a jersey that is lighter and even short sleeves. This will be the third summer in a row for me that I’ve stuck with long sleeves on a jersey and this time around I’ll still be running full length pants on a downhill bike and for trail & enduro riding thanks to the Nukeproof Nirvana and Blackline apparel. I’ve got a couple of the Nirvana full sleeve jerseys and adore the stretch material, it’s by far the most comfortable gear I’ve had...

Product Review STFU Bike drivetrain damping module

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Hands up anyone who has chucked a Velcro chainstay protector on their bike or even wrapped a busted tube around it to stop your chain beating your frame to pieces. It’s a damn hollow feeling finding all that paint and carbon chipped off your frame from your chain noisily slapping around but thankfully there’s some damn fine goodness from STFU Bike available to pamper your ride.

You’ve heard of Aussie downhill icon Chris Kovarik, you’ve seen the rad videos of him totally tearing trails to pieces and dominating with World Cup downhill wins. He’s helped create the STFU Bike product so you know that it’s gonna need to handle whatever you can chuck at it. There’s an STFU Bike available to suit any ride you have. There’s a Downhill version for 7 or 10 speed drivetrains plus there’s the trail version to suit bikes running up to a 12 speed wide range cassette. I’m astounded this product hasn’t been available until now, it’s so simple to...