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    Sold Oneup 210mm 31.6mm dropper

    If this falls through please let me know
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    Sold OneUp Components cockpit (stem, bars, tool)

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    Sold Banshee Rune - 27.5 Large with RS Lyrics

    If this was an xl.
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    Sold SOLD

    Sold a while ago y’all. Sorry for the late reply Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sold SOLD

    Item: Black Banshee Spitfire Location: Longford, TASMANIA Item Condition: Used but Perfect Reason for selling: No longer riding enough. Price and price conditions: $3500, Neg. Extra Info:Large black Banshee Spitfire. XT 11 speed. Rockshox Pikes. KV 150mm dropper. LightBicycle carbon 27.5...
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    Post your wicked BANSHEE thread....

    Dang. Oh well. I'll put it up over the weekend. She's a great bike for the tassie trail systems. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Post your wicked BANSHEE thread....

    Thinking about selling my spitty. I'm just not riding anymore. [emoji17] It's loaded with xt 11 speed, pikes, light bicycle 27.5 rims on hopes, Kv 150mm dropper, cromog cockpit. Xtr/saint brakes. Size large. What she be worth? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Derby in Tassi

    My friend Jasper made that edit. Pretty slick job.
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    VIC Sold sold sold

    Dang. Soooo much want.
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    Post your All MTN/Funduro hardtail

    I'm lusting over a hard tail for a while. I've pretty much got everything except a frame n forks sitting in the shed. Just gotta do it as cheep as possible.
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    Post your all mountain bike

    10 char...............
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    Up yours jaws....

    Hey @knuckles your inbox is full
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    Sold no longer available sold

    It's funny cos it's true.
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    Cut too short mate. Sorry.