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    Yarra Trails regulars

    Haha, I started at the Burke rd bridge one day and before the Banksia st bridge I'd seen 3 snakes (ran over one) and then saw a guy on the ST who'd obviously been bitten in a very sensitive spot and some good Samaritan was sucking the poison out... I didn't even get to the bridge, just went home.
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    What"s happening near the Big Dipper? Some crazy persons going mad with a chainsaw removing rollovers that have been there for years. I wish they'd use their energy for goodness not evil and remove the trees down in Bruces loop that are too big for my saw...
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    The inner sanctum's good, the outer has puddles, holes, and on Friday a couple of trees down
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    CO2 Cartridge inflators - worth trying?

    Also note that they freeze the sealant and kind of ruin it in a tubeless setup. Having said that, I love them and yes the 25g canisters can pop a bead on from scratch.
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    GST threshold for imports to be lowered

    The govmnt used to say under $1000 it cost more to collect than it generated.
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    Lets talk about... Private Health Insurance.

    Dental is almost never worth it.
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    Bollards on bike paths

    I hate bollards! I came out from behind a tree straight into the rising sun and was temporarily blinded and clipped one. Riding along minding my own business and suddenly I'm rolling down the bitumen! Smashed my helmet, my watch and my glasses. Luckily the top of the bollard hit bottom of the...
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    VIC Sold FS:SRAM XX1 Rear Dereailleur, Shifter, Cassette and Chain

    I'd be interested in the cassette and chain - lets make a deal!
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    Lame claims to fame and shame.

    Hey I used to sail a lot with Arthur back in the 70's/80's! We were very early windsurfer pioneers when we were both working as sailmakers. My best lame fame claim from a mtb aspect is riding (briefly!) with Richie Rude in Rotorua last February - got my only celeb photo op with him at a...
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    eBikes - what's the current perspective

    Strava gets hacked anyway, one of my local climbs ( short, techy, windy, under branches, between trees, between houses...) has a KOM av speed of about 35 km/h. You couldn't do that on a dirt bike! its about half the time of the nearest rider. The segment at Chandler hwy steps going down has a...
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    Yeti SB5C sizing question

    No problems. We're having a ride tonight if you're interested...
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    Melbourne shoulder surgeon refs

    Recommended by a number of medico friends
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    Melbourne shoulder surgeon refs

    John Salmon, did both my wife's shoulders. ( one wife, two shoulders...) - fantastic.
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    VIC Found

    Ok, mine hangs to the left...
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    VIC Found

    Left or right?