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    Yarra Trails regulars

    Die another day. So when do you think this die-back might start to kick in?
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    Horseshoe Bend farm, re-opened 30/10/2016, so trails....

    Horseshoe Bend farm in Keilor north/west of Melbourne, has 're-opened' as a park area at the end of October 2016. There are no animals or working farm as such, and the existing farm building have been boarded up, but there are toilets & a water point and the area in & around is open grassland &...
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    MTB trail launch on the 17th of September - RACV Goldfields Resort Creswick

    Hi, can we just rock up with our bikes to ride the course on the day without any pre-registering etc?
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    VIC B24 Thule Bright: bikepacking + 24hr racing?

    Chucking about an idea, but as there is no such thing as an original idea I figured I'll float it here to see if someone's already done it & what's involved/look out for: Bikepack Melbourne to Bright, camp, race the B24 at Bright, then bikepack home. I'm a mere mortal so there is a plan B...
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    Plus size tyres/wheels? 27.5 and 29er. Opinions?

    Yeah, I'm just getting my head around the correct geo specs when looking at different MTB configurations. My current ride has a Bottom bracket drop (BBD) of 60mm running 29er wheels, so any 6fattie with a BBD of 50mm (approx) should still give me the same crank clearance I'm enjoying now.
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    Plus size tyres/wheels? 27.5 and 29er. Opinions?

    Yeah I'll keep an eye out for a Specialized test ride. The best thing I personally discovered riding a 29er (compared to ole school 26 XC bike) is the chainwheel & pedal clearance everywhere. I'm able to crank through corners banked over with hardly any pedal strike, & log/rock garden...
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    Plus size tyres/wheels? 27.5 and 29er. Opinions?

    So these plus size wheels, has anyone ridden them in the real world? Is it true what they say about them? Are there any unique issues with them? Can I go for plus size tyres on a hardtail & get almost a dual-esque sort of ride? Should I beleive the hype? I currently got a hardtail 29er...
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    VIC You Yangs 8th Oct 2016 - Yowie MTB Marathon - 33km/66km/99kms

    [edit] I got it, 33kms is one lap, 66kms 2x laps, 99kms 3x laps. [facepalm]
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    VIC You Yangs 8th Oct 2016 - Yowie MTB Marathon - 33km/66km/99kms

    The You Yangs Yowie MTB Marathon! 8th October 2016. 33km Pioneer, 66km Explorer, 99km Adventurer, Junior Races. Registrations are Open. 20% Entry Discount on 33/66/99km before 8th August. Single Speed Prizes for Top Placed Male & Female of all categories. Go to...
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    Poll: What Bike Feature is Most Important to You?

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    The election thread - Will the new PM last a full term - who will you futilely vote for?

    I heard that you can use your own pencils, so I might take my kids pencil case into the cardboard urinal with me. What's the funniest thing I can write on the cubicle? Undecided if my ballot dick/balls should be in profile or aerial.
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    VIC 2015 InterWinter Series. 4 races 4 Clubs, May 17 / June 14 / July 12 / Aug 2

    Anything on the rider's pack for the 1st round at Balarat? All I have is: "Ballarat-Sebastopol MTB Club are proud to host the first round of the 2016 Interwinter series. Round 1 is a 3hr Enduro, Location: RACV Resort, Creswick." I'm assuming it's at the golf course like last year.
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    The You Yangs Thread

    Yep that's it. I remember that sign at the track head (at the end of the vid), but was going the other way on the Management trail so I didn't stop to read it (duh). Looks cool. I was attempting to string trails together for a 50km XC loop on Saturday without doing any trail twice. Somewhere...
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    The You Yangs Thread

    My first time in a long time at stockyards. What's the trail in the pit? It's near the lakes/ponds, to the west of Quarry Pit (track). It's not on any maps that I see. Is it black? (As a guide, with no pre-runs I had issues [aka hike-a-bike] with...
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    Now that the Willsmere/Chandler park excavated pipe works has completed, that little bit of trail along the Guide Dogs fence line needs more MTBs through it.