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    STOLEN Giant Anthem X SL1 2010 Sutherland Shire area

    Sadly bike was never found again, however NRMA were kind enough to replace it with a new bike under home contents insurance. Bit of a story, a knee injury along with sciatica has limited my bike adventures then when everything was getting back on track a car accident caused severe whiplash and a...
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    LIGHTS MEGATHREAD - all questions on riding lights asked and answered here!!!

    does anyone know where there are any cygolite tridenx lights in stock?
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    NSW Cygolite TridenX Xtra 1300lm

    Hi all and hoping someone can tell me where I can find a Cygolite TridenX Xtra 1300lm headlight either new old stock or second hand. I cannot believe they decided to discontinue these headlights they are amazing Anyway if you have one or know someone who has one send me a PM as I am keen to...
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    Anyone using HRV to guide training load?

    The uni's actually prefer older populations as students typically conduct the research on fellow classmates and some teachers dont like this as it gives a false sense of what will occur in the workplace. Many now encourage students to bring in parents or extended family in older age brackets...
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    Anyone using HRV to guide training load?

    There is a whole host of things that come into play when seeking the optimal time to train. HRV is new to me and will research some journal papers on it more to give a better answer. However, I would suggest doing a clinical maximal V02Max test. Then you can prescribe optimal training zones by...
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    XC FAQ Thread - Hardware, Training, etc...

    Can the links be updated on the first page of this thread please?
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    Rockshox Full Sprint or Xloc x 2?

    Hi all, Wanting some advice with my giant anthem bike. I recently purchased a sram monarch xx 6.5 rear shock and it didn't come with a remote just the cable. However, should I go down the rockshox full Sprint remote that locks F/R at same time or should I go with the front and rear on...
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    Avid XX brakes

    If they only measure 11g (22g all up) Im pretty sure they can make that up with lighter screws... Looks like ill switch to XO's or XTRs
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    Avid XX brakes

    yeah sorry it does rub without pulling the lever. Thing is I have never bled the brakes, they just went like that after a few rides :S thats lame, who came up with that idea in the RnD team?
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    Avid XX brakes

    Well the rear brake on my giant anthem x 2014 can only move about 5mm and there is rubbing with the pads and disc. I know this is stupid but on my old avid xo brakes I was able to adjust the pad contact, with the twisty adjuster, where is the one on the XX brakes? I have looked on there...
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    VIC SOLD Please Remove

    How tall are you? 6ft? So i know if the size could fit my friend
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    New background styles.

    Just curious if it would at all be possible to add in another background colour scheme/style. Similar to what OCAU use with Sabretooth (dark blue background, light blue for threads, orange and white for the writing. It would be good to change from the brightness of the white styles that are...
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    LIGHTS MEGATHREAD - all questions on riding lights asked and answered here!!!

    I use NiteRider 1500 (here) on my helmet and modified Cygolite 750 on the bars - modified by using the niterider handle bar attachment clamp. I run helmet on medium and bars on high. I find this to be the balance point of enough light v run time for night time riding on the trails. I have...
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    NSW Sold

    Hey mate ill take it PM me your details