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    NSW SOLD - Scott Gambler - BOS Forks, Cane Creek Shock

    Price Reduction Bump. Price reduced to $2,100.
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    NSW SOLD - Scott Gambler - BOS Forks, Cane Creek Shock

    Item: Scott Gambler, 2008 frame purchased new & built in late 2010 Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney Item Condition: Frame is in near new condition, forks have some marks on lowers, rest of the bike is in excellent condition. Reason for selling: Not ridden enough Price and price...
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    NSW SOLD: Brand New Vivid 5.1

    Item:Rock Shox Vivid 5.1, 241mm X 76mm, 400 x 3.0 spring Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches Item Condition: Brand New, never used Reason for selling: Came on frame, replaced with Cane Creek Price and price conditions: $350, post at buyers expense Extra Info: None Pictures:
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    ...better to squirrel and ride again, than to brett and be broken.
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    Clean up Oxford falls Downhill Track March 6th

    Well done to all those who helped out and special thanks to Jewboy for arranging the whole deal. Did you happen to find Steaklover's sense of self preservation anywhere in amongst the discarded rubbish?
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    ....maybe you could borrow Meatlover's demo while he's sitting at home mending his fractured clavicle. That bike needs regular whippin.
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    Are AM riders just washed up DHers?

    DH for the adrenalin and for shuttles when you have a crew to share the driving and a trailer. AM for fitness, keeping up your techo skills and getting to new and different places without having to bother with the full face, neck brace and the rest of it. I’m always frothin for either as...
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    Another Oxford Falls Video

    ....great footage, love your boom work. Shame you didn't edit out the Fun City bail out.
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    Think about it!!!

    Couldn't agree more with Mr. Sealpup's comments. Digging two foot from the take off or lander is just lazy and makes us all look like environmental vandals. Oxy needs all of us who ride there to carry out a bit of maintenance every now an again, we just need to give some thought as to where...