AM 2015 GT Sanction


what is a yous
Very nice looking coating on the Marzocchi forks...

Reportedly only 6 of these came in.


what is a yous
Got it this morning.

Went for a ride.

Used the big girl ring.

Thanks Vince.

Love the look of the forks.

Picked it up today and had a bash around Smithfield. Aside from being beyond hot the trails were great.

Initial thoughts are I chose the right size. Large and slightly smaller than my XL 2012 Sanction. The XL is a fair bit bigger than the last one.
The bars are wide and the stem short. Very wide and very short.
Feels like a DH bike.
It's heavy - 15.5kg - but the frame is close to the weight of a carbon Nomad.
Rides up hill just fine.
Turn down hill and it felt great, the forks needs a bit of use to bed in but I like it so far.

Zac Hinton

St Bernard
Looks very nice! How do you like the lever for rear shock?

I have 350CR forks, out of the box they were crap, not enough grease in the seals and not enough fork oil in them. They now slow leak from under the rebound adjuster (the red cap fell off) and I can't find the issue. Not a lot of info around about them, PM if you have queries about them later on. After a basic service though they feel good.

To drop some kegs...different tyres and go tubeless. Ditch the chain guide, would rarely need it with the NW chainring anyway.


So, enlighten us? WERE you missing something? As someone who couldn't see the point of a dropper, wadda ya thunk?


what is a yous
Last bike had a Hi Lo, they are not the best.
I thought I'd go a LEV with a remote this time just to see if they are all they have been touted to be.
Dunno if I was missing something but time will tell. Perhaps.


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Looks nice Ben..

15.5kgs.... That will be fun riding up Stairway!!! Will have to catch up for a ride with ya.


what is a yous
Not too far off the last... 1kg actually...

Let me know when your are coming you and I'll join in... maybe