AM 2015 GT Sanction


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Rode it up Stairway to Heaven today. Flicked the rear shock to Climb and just plodded.
The 42T big girl ring on the back does it's job. No harder on this bike than the last.
Goes down faster than Sasha Grey on set.
Great bike.
Just what I was hoping it would be.


what is a yous
Another ride today.
Pushed the seat back a bit and rotated the bars forward, let some air out the forks too.
It was a shuttle run today, with about 10 minutes of descent.
It's good stuff, solid bike, the tubing on the rear end is a lot bigger than the last Sanction - tracks very well with minimal deflection through rocks.
The front is lower than my last bike was too. Add to this the really short stem and it feels like a DH bike - 800mm bars add to that too.

It's fucking great, I am well stocked. Just the sort of bike for someone that wants a bit of DH but can't justify two bikes.

27.5" doesn't feel that different, just feels like mega big tyres.
Pedals wickedly well, takes off like a rocket.
The suspension is very refined and the small bump complianced seems improved over the last i-Drive.
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what is a yous
BTW big thanks to Vince @ Edge Cycleworks in Cairns.
Hey mate, can you get me a bike that's not coming in?
Make it tubelss please.
Frame tape for cable rub.

Cheers bud.


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Those forks look great! Good to great a positive lbs story too, sounds like they looked after you really nicely.


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So a few rides in and I'm almost convinced the wheel size is better.
It appears to roll faster, acceleration is incredible, as is handling, both slow and at speed.
Unsure if I need 800mm bars but they are there so why not?
Climbing up steep climbs is not harder than before, despite the weight increase for the new bike.

Point downhill and it is a weapon. Hang off the back on proper steep rocky descents and you kow what the bike is made for.

Love it.


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Dynamite kits are the go. Sanction sitting on the balcony at the moment with offset bushings in it and their dogbone kit.