2016 Stumpjumper Carbon

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    Decided to go for a bike with a little more travel than my last bike (Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt). Pretty happy with the bike so far, rides nicely, managed to get the suspension sorted out very quickly. Just got to change bars and stem and it'll be almost perfect. Eventually i'll look at 36's and hopefully sort out an evol air can for the shock, and swap to xtr shifter/derailleur.
    In the time being i'll think about what sort of food i can stash in my SWAT box.

    *Updated photos page 4*

    Frame - 2016 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert 650b
    Rear shock - Rockshox Monarch Debonair
    Front shock/fork - Rockshox Pike RC 160mm (3 tokens)
    Handlebars - Enve RSR 760mm
    Stem - Easton Haven
    Headset - Specialized
    Grips - Specialized
    Saddle - Specialized
    Seatpost - Specialized Command Post
    Front brake - Shimano XT
    Rear brake - Shimano XT
    Cranks - Sram S2200 Carbon
    Chainguide - Specialized top guide
    Chain - Sram XX1 Hollow Pin
    Pedals - Shimano XT
    Rear derailleur - Sram X1
    Rear shifter - Sram X1
    Cassette - Sram XG-1180
    Front hub - Hope Pro 2
    Rear hub - Hope Pro 4
    Front rim - 32h Carbon Assymetrical
    Rear rim - 32h Carbon Assymetrical
    Spokes - DT Revolution
    Nipples - DT Swiss Brass
    Tyres - Minion DHR II Front, Minion SS Rear (both tubeless)

    Total weight - 12kg-ish

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  2. redline316

    redline316 Likes Dirt

    Second pic awesome. Oh nice bike too.
  3. yuley95

    yuley95 Likes Dirt

    Looks good. How do you find the tyres. Spesh seems to get good reviews for their tyres but now too many people run them.

    Where did the Thunderbolt fall down for you? Just not enough travel?
  4. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    You'll never be happy until your back on a Knolly Jonno

    Oh, awesome looking stumpy too, would love to take one for a demo in the future
  5. slimjim1

    slimjim1 Likes Dirt

    Even the 29er is a fun playful bike, this thing looks so fun to ride and flick around.

    Once you've lived with the SWAT door it's hard to imagine a bike without one hey?

    JONO WADE Likes Dirt

    Tyres seem pretty good so far, it's been so long since i've ridden minions or other 2.3's that it's hard to make a good comparison. Probably change to minion SS on the rear for something a little faster rolling.

    Umm yeah pretty much just wanting more travel, want to get back into some enduro racing later this year so that stumpy seemed like a smart move for that.

    As much as i loved the way the knolly rode, snapped linkages and ovalised headtubes aren't my favourite, hopefully the stumpy proves more durable.

    Haha yeah the swat door is great, just keeping a tube, pump and levers in there, still got room for other stuff though.
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  7. foxpuppet

    foxpuppet Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Fun bikes for sure, what fork are you thinking of change to?

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    JONO WADE Likes Dirt

    I'd like to change to Fox 36 160mm down the track, but for the time being the pikes are feeling pretty good.
  9. SideFX

    SideFX Likes Bikes and Dirt

    You should change your title and add " With Sick Frreakin Moves " Killer ride by the way . How are you finding these new 150 travel bikes ? .
  10. teK--

    teK-- Eats Squid

    Sweet ride I really love what they did with the front triangle brace in the 2016s...

    JONO WADE Likes Dirt

    Haha, glad you like my 'sick freakin moves'. It's 140mm rear, 150mm front. Loving it so far though, reasonably forgiving on big hits which is nice.

    JONO WADE Likes Dirt

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  13. Staunch

    Staunch Eats Squid

    Nice socks.
  14. doihoi

    doihoi Likes Dirt

    Return of the Mack, lol, sick beatz
  15. Ezkaton

    Ezkaton Eats Squid

    Fun little video.

    I love sticking old pop music onto ride videos, it just works so well haha.

    Where were you guys riding? Looks like my kinda dirt.

    JONO WADE Likes Dirt

    Thanks man, limited edition dibley ankle socks.

    Haha yeah, thought it worked kind of well, I like trying out different tunes.

    Sorry to say, but the trails are secret.
  17. crim 87

    crim 87 Likes Dirt

    any plans to swap out the rear shock ??
  18. slimjim1

    slimjim1 Likes Dirt

    Any reason why you are running the older XT brakes and not the 2016?

    JONO WADE Likes Dirt

    Yep, now that bars and stem are done, that'll be the next upgrade.
    Was trying to de-sram the bike but it's pretty hard to justify the cost of a linkage kit and a float x, when a monarch debonair is half the price.

    Specialized released their 2016 bikes before the 2016 XT brakes were available. My last bike had the 2016 xt's, really not much difference at all, the perforated levers are nice on the new ones though.
  20. slimjim1

    slimjim1 Likes Dirt

    Ahhh OK. I currently have the 2016 XT's and they have this weird inconsistent lever feel and was just wondering if you cracked the shits and went back to the old model (which were flawless).

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