2018 Ibis Ripmo

Big JD

Wheel size expert
reach is fine for standing and pedaling. It is the seated position that I still need to adapt too.In the past I would run a longer steerer to get the front up higher so there is not such a long drop to the bars. Now the head angles are slacker, longer steerer actually shortens the reach. This is the slackest bike I have ever owned, I have found it more comfortable with a 60mm 6 degree stem and 780mm wide bars with a 40mm rise. That way I can keep the reach but rise the front end. The steeper seat angle puts you in a better seated position but does eat into the reach. I reckon a setback post would help me. Im all torso............
At the end of the day- it is like a new pair of shoes- got to wear them in and the body needs to relate to the changes. it just takes time. The 20 year old in me would have gone for the Ripmo in blue just like yours mate.


Likes Dirt
Nice JD - I’d like to try this bike and you can try the Nicolai. Maybe Buxton in the spring.

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