2020 Norco Optic C1


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I also run the Hope metal pads, it's not quite a wet Avid turkey warble but a persistent squeal under all conditions. More pressure, wet conditions, constant cleaning, dust, piston realignment, COVID-19 - nothing changes the squeak/squeal. I've had great success with the Swiss Stop products on XTR and Saint brakes so with any luck that will solve it. It seems to be a reasonably common complaint with the Hope brakes over on MTBR.
It's a weird thing - I never have any problems at You Yangs (granitic sand), but when I ride high-country (clay) I do get the same squeaky high pitched turkey warble building up as the day goes along. Get home after the trip, lightly touch up the pads with a bit of emery or a kitchen scourer or something and back to no problems for months of riding at Youies again. Honestly never been sure if it's the extra elevation/track length up high country or some kind of contamination from the clay dust/mud.


2 mates and myself run Hopes (2x e4 and I run v4) and also find them to be slightly squealy in most conditions and worse at slower speeds, I've tried several different pads, bleeding, caliper alignment, piston inspection etc to no avail so I will be interested to hear how you go.

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Floating rotors don’t help either if you’re running them.
Mine squeal if I’m dragging them. Brake hard and they don’t.

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Floating rotors don’t help either if you’re running them.
Mine squeal if I’m dragging them. Brake hard and they don’t.
Never noticed that but sounds like it makes a lot of sense.

The Clarke's floating rotors with xt metal pads are always quiet. Nothing to do there so far :)

The Heckler with the cheaper rotors and Juicy 5 gobbles occasionally and I think I've nutted out a few causes on that one - fine dust that can work it's way around the piston and behind the pads or just dirty rotors.

If I ride through any sticky plants like paspaelum then the front rotor will gobble. A spray with ISO propyl alcohol and clean with a paper towel fixes it 80% of the time. Hard braking and luck seems to sort out the other 20%.


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Squealing sorted, the Swiss Stop pad rotor combo seems to have done the trick but I've only ridden it around the block a couple of times.
The rotor offset is slightly different to my xtr rotors and it's nearly maxed out on the caliper adjustment but after some stuffing around they are all centred correctly.
I also managed to buy the wrong hope bleed cap thing so if anyone needs one for Tech levers let me know. They do not fit Tech3 levers, ffs.
Rotor bottom bracket fit which was a relief and after a bit of adjustment is good. The old bearing races were fucked, pitted and the hard chrome was missing of most of the balls. More low quality from our friends at E13


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Did 30km at YY today with no squeaks from the brakes, they also have a better feeling ramp up in friction. Softish with low pressure but with moderate or high lever pressure the bite is.much better than the metal hope pads.
Rattle is 100% gone in the One Up dropper but the lever is still really heavy.


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I was supposed to be riding this at Harcourt this weekend but fucking COVID-19 has ruined that plan. Fuck.
Probably not a bad thing really because I'm pretty sure I've got a fractured thumb after a crash at Plenty, so probably shouldn't be riding too much anyway.


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I've been chasing a creak in this thing for a while now, I had convinced myself that it was the E-13 cranks so I replaced them with a set of XT cranks and a Shimano bottom bracket. It wasn't the cranks or BB.
Pulled the rear triangle out, greased the drop outs, hanger and rear pivot. It wasn't that either
Shock and bushes? Nope
Seatpost? Nope
Seat clamp? Nope
Pedals? Nope

It's starting to really shit me now., time to strip it and start again.
I also need to wander around the nail polish isle and find something that matches the purple.


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Stem, stem spacers, stem bolts, handlebar bolts, headset, grips... and the unspoken, crack in the carbon frame.

It took me nearly year to find the cracked carbon frame, thought I was replacing Race Face 30 BB's that were coming new, with a creak. There was a hair line crack on a matte white carbon frame where the seat tube meets the BB shell, only revealed after a muddy ride.


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Exactly! I've got a slave for another few weeks while he pays off his derailleur debt, then he just needs to pay off the Commencal. It sounds mean but kids these days (fuck I sound old) need to work for stuff or they just don't respect it.
It's a pity 13 year old kids are so shit at doing stuff around the house. I was going to get him to paint the pergola but I'd just end up doing it again and cleaning paint off everything else. He makes dinner, does all the washing and vacuuming though so I can't bitch too much.
I've been telling him that the Commencal web store is wrong and it's out of stock just to wind him up.