Product Review 2021 Nukeproof Ridewear

The Nukeproof Technical Ridewear Apparel release is a highlight for me each year. I bang on about this every time I get my hands on it; it’s the best apparel I’ve ever worn. The 2021 range of Blackline and Outline apparel is available through our pals at Chain Reaction cycles and this range is an instant winner that sticks with the proven quality and pricing that propels it far ahead of the rest.

The genres I partake in are gravity fed; downhill and enduro and I’m lucky enough to be able to ride all year round without the interference of snow. Having only worn Nukeproof Ridewear over all the seasons for some time now, I can reassure you that the range is very temperate to whatever season you’re riding in. Cold weather? Nah, no worries! You can layer up with some of the Nukeproof base layers, chuck a Blackline jersey on then top it off with a Blackline jacket. When the sun is still blazing in summer at 7pm and you’re down to one layer, don’t expect to be bothered by sweat as the Ridewear apparel takes care of it nicely via it’s moisture wicking material. The material doesn’t bunch or crease and keeps it’s form without sticking to your skin. It’s brilliant!

An intriguing highlight of the Blackline Short sleeve Tech jersey is it is compiled from previous year’s material offcuts to construct the 2021 range. That’s cool, that’s that much material not getting chucked in the bin; nicely done Nukeproof. The jersey is sized perfectly to feel light but not flapping around when you’re motoring along. Again; the breathability makes it a great warm day riding jersey. Also adopting the “Dead stock” program are the Outland tech shorts. In past years we’ve seen the Cordura fabric used on the Nirvana range, now it’s loaded into the robust Outland Tech shorts. Zipper and buttons to secure the waist? Yep. Adjustable waist? You bet. Zipper pocket for your lift pass? Yep. Not only will you love riding in this range, you’ll feel comfortable sitting back for the after-ride drinks at your local.

If long sleeve is your thing, then check out the Blackline long sleeve. Also a moisture wicking fabric and a few colour choices, this jersey breathes well and is sized nicely. It’s entirely polyester so feels light yet has UV protection. There’s a neat little zipped up pocket on the back for a handful of cash or a key too. Anti-bacterial and quick drying material is great for summer and of course for winter riding.
Also in the long sleeve range is the Blackline Race. What makes the Race long sleeve differ to the long sleeve Blackline? The performance material boasts a Polartech Powderdry material; on the upper sections for moisture wicking and Delta on the lower part of the jersey for keeping you cool. The sleeves my favorite material; Cordura. The seams on Nukeproof Ridewear are so impressive and almost not even noticeable. The Blackline Race jersey is a big wow for me, it takes an already amazing quality jersey and supercharges it with even more incredibly comfortable materials. The colour designs are also stunning and eye catching. Something I haven’t seen much of is the silicone patches on the shoulders that add extra grip to your riding pack, cool huh!

The standout features for me in the Nukeproof Ridewear range for 2021 is the same as previous years. It looks great, the materials used are so comfortable, the price is unbeatable making it the most valuable apparel you can get your hands on. Sizing is a very big positive, you get what you expect when ordering your size. Seeing this pop up on the Chain Reaction Cycles site means it’s now available to you and you can look forward to super prompt transaction with exceptional delivery times worldwide. I’m always in awe of this apparel and it makes the ride even more enjoyable. I love it, Nukeproof Ridewear is the best apparel I’ve ever worn.



The best model RB has ever seen. But you need more than just one look to really excel in the industry. BTW you don’t look half as scary as you sound! :D