VIC 26 ins mtbike VTT about 580 mm disc frame


chez le médecin
Wanted solid frame steel or alloy for ebike commuter about 580 mm top tube .
Just needs to take disc brakes and 26 ins wheels .
If mtbike could be lightweight hardtail or dually with lots of room in the triangle for a battery 100 x 350mm .
Location Where ever ,postage or courier not a problem
Willing to Pay: Up to $1000
Extra Info Not keen on white.
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I choo choo chose 29
I’m still trying to give away this Orbea urban frame....ticks some boxes....


chez le médecin
Bump it .
Nice frames for sale just the wrong size or 29 ers .
I think 26 ins wheels will look stupid on a 29 er ?


will do custom titles for cash
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Sorry yeah when I edited the title I forgot to put the size VTT needs to be about 580mm
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