3/4” sleeve jerseys... school me please.


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I’ve never owned a 3/4 sleeve jersey before but I like the idea of wxtra coverage to go over elbow pads (if that works?). As I’ve broken both elbows I wear elbow pads on every ride. I have IXS carve pads which aren’t too bulky.

A couple of Q’s: how do 3/4 lenth sleeves go with elbow pads? Any recommendations for which ones to go for? Preferably something that isn’t like a circus tent.

Many thanks

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No idea about how they go with pads but I've got two of the dharco jobbies at home, they've been pretty good. slimmer fit than most of the stuff I've bough over the years.


Got a 3/4 Specialized top for my birthday ages ago. Does good for a bit of extra sun protection. Don't notice it with elbow pads.


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The Dharco stuff is nice .
I've taken to MX gear - its cheap , colourful and occasionally padded across shoulders and elbows .
crashes good .......
I usually wear a singlet underneath - even in summer as it keeps my core stable ( temp ) in winter i can wear a t-shirt underneath . I like the longer sleeves as i ride a lot of single track and the bush attacks me , itchy , scratchy etc .
The colours are bright - which is good for me as the moto tracks i ride means i stand out - day-gloo orange helmet and a bright jersey is good .
ps , i like the gloves as well $20-$25 gets a heavy duty leather palmed glove - i was using the Alpine Stars 'elite' but they only last a month - they were cheap at anaconda - $10 on special .
Have a look at AMX superstore .


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I admittedly have the slim arms, but ride most of the time with long sleeve or 3/4. I've crashed in a normal short sleeve riding shirt on a wall ride of all things and ended up with half my arm skin on the wood. The Dharco shirt held up well though, no marks even though my shoulders committed to the wallride to.


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So, a 4/3 sleeve jersey is basically a long sleeve jersey but shorter sleeves. The sleeves typically end on the bulky muscle of your forearm and will accommodate elbow guards underneath for sure. These jerseys are designed with gravity riding in mind and leave plenty of room. Wearing one without elbow guards isn't uncomfortable though, nor are they stupidly baggy. Yeah, it is baggy but not stupidly.
I usually cuff a full sleeve jersey up to my elbow so it runs like a 3/4 sleeve jersey and looks cool. Fashion over function and all that. ;)


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Every 3/4 I have started out as full length. Scissors are handy to adjust, ends self heal after a few washes.


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I'm certainly not skinny in the arms (or the guts!) and normally go with 3/4 sleeves because for some reason I just like them more than short sleeves, plus the added sun protection.
Haven't had any issues wearing pads under them (although my elbow pads are pretty slim/lightweight). As others have mentioned, the Dharco stuff is pretty good, I also quite like the Daiken 3/4 length, they are a bit of a roomier cut and cheaper as well


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Ended up ordering a TLD Ruckus jersey as I liked the style of it. I’ll let you know how it goes!