A new Banshee?


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Very nice bike, I love aggressive hardtails and I reckon every top frame manufacturer should have some in their lineup, thats mint.


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o_O Love it. Looks to have all the right angles going on. But yeah I reckon steel is the go!

The Reverend

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Form an orderly queue. I'd imagine these will be sold in no time at all...

Personally I'd rather they just made a long travel Prime and stopped getting distracted by hardtails. But that's just my preferences..

The Reverend

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I really like the look of it but I feel the rear centre is too short on XL sized bikes.
It certainly costs a few pennies too for an aluminium hardtail frame, and I LOVE Banshee bikes..


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Totally on board for a long travel prime. I won't ever have a hardtail as a main bike ever again. Please Banshee, fill that 29" wheel niche the rune currently fills for 27.5 (with a 470ish size large reach...)