A observation after a long MTB break


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Today I saw some Specialized Hardrocks for $399 -$450. And the Shimano componentry certainly is better quality today than years ago.
The value today in that gets you a decent weekend warrior bike that will more than handle 80/20 road/offroad.

Dont believe all the fluff people tell you, keep hunting, theres plenty of bargains to be had.


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IMO the value you get on bikes these days is incredible compared to years past. In 1997/8 I bought my first good bike a $3,500 Specialised FSR Ground Control Comp. V brakes, RST fork (elastomers), spring shock, LX spec mainly with a DX rear derailleur and bars that narrow that brushing trees on single track was never an option...You can get a better bike now for less before you even factor in 15 years of inflation
I had similar with a different brand. And don't forget modern deore level gears are on par if not better than what XT and maybe even XTR were back then. The technology keeps trickling down to the low and mid range and the high end keeps evolving.

Lower end forks now have at least a lock out and in most cases rebound damping. Rear shocks down normally explode first bump. Frames are lighter but snap less often. IMO you get a far better bike for the same money


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In 2002 I bought a GT Avalanche 1.0, full deore with Vbrakes and RS Judy, $995- still have the receipt (and the bike).....

1k buys so much more bike today.


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One brand name bike I looked at that was close to $1000 had nearly the same (if not identical) Shimano gear system that a $150 Repco bike at BigW was using..

Might be just me... I'm still going to buy a bike in the next week or so (probably the BH Lynx 29er).
I am calling TOTAL BS on the Repco statement. Also, if you pay $150 for a Repco you have paid way too much.


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Bikes now are unquestionably better value than ever.

20 years ago my Avanti Barracuda had a 21 speed Shimano STX drivetrain, canti brakes, rigid chromoly steel frame and fork, $899.

For $899 now you'd get a bike with a 3x8 or 3x9 drivetrain, hydraulic discs that function, an adjustable, damped suspension fork with a lockout and a reasonably light aluminium frame. 26 or 29er.


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mate if you love your riding then price shouldn't be your only deciding factor in what you buy. forget about the golden days - you can't really compare, there's been some great innovations in last 10 years, resulting in less weight and more quality per dollar spent. such as 2x10, QR15, carbon components & frame, disc brakes (yep rims brakes are out!) - there's others if you want to list DH or AM.

now once you have your bike, what about the price of parts .... no more LBS rip off on components - have a look online, can't go wrong there.

so put another grand in, for $2000 you'll get a pretty nice bike, that will ride fast and reliably.


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To the OP, can I have a link to the $150 repco bike. I need something to hook up to the trainer since the new carbon steed is apparently no good for that.