About to use my bike, after 12months odd

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by Jesterarts, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Jesterarts

    Jesterarts Likes Dirt

    So long story short, I think I'm close to having a chance to go riding again.

    My daughter arrives in October last year and aside for one outing in November last year, my bike has been on the way.

    In January of this yeah, optimistically, I serviced it along with sending the shock (CCDB CS) to NSD for a service.

    My question is this; what should I do before I go and ride it?
  2. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Take a big dump. You won't want any interruptions once you hit the trail. Maybe have a quick wank too.

    Eat a hearty meal and drink water. Take water. Take a lot of water. Why don't people do this???

    Inflate your tyres too.
  3. hifiandmtb

    hifiandmtb King of his castle

    Pump up the tyres. I bet they are flat by now.
  4. Nambra

    Nambra Likes Dirt

    Invert bike for a bit, to get a bit of lube on the fork seals? My LBS told me to keep the bike upside down if not ridden for a while, not sure how effective it would be though.
  5. Jesterarts

    Jesterarts Likes Dirt


    Was probably thinking more around the bike and critical components rather than bodily functions. :p
  6. Lazmo

    Lazmo Likes Dirt

    I think the pre ride dump and wank would do it...
  7. Mr Crudley

    Mr Crudley Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Atleast riding with the Poodle and Lazmo won't mean any lost time tending to bodily functions and self amusement.

    Just leave it alone, y'hear, it won't fall off no matter how much you try to pull it off :jaw:
  8. link1896

    link1896 Eats Squid

    Poodle and lazmo's advice is more aimed at achieving strava PB's and is a little strange coming from team "let's just have fun"

    Bike upside down overnight will get the fork splash lube onto the bushings and seals, can't hurt.

    Sounds like things have been tough introducing a child into the mix, it sure hit my riding for a six having a sick kid and sick wife for the first 18 months.
  9. The Duckmeister

    The Duckmeister Eats Squid

    Yup, like Nambra said, flip the bike over to allow the fork & shock lubricating oil to run back "up" & onto the internal seals. Conversely, any air that might be in the brake reservoirs will likely end up in the lines though.....

    Given it hasn't been ridden, you won't have worn anything out, so there isn't really anything major to do beyond moving the shock oil around, just lube the chain & pump up the tyres..... and prepare to be disappointed with yourself as you come to the harsh realisation of just how much fitness you've lost.....
  10. Jesterarts

    Jesterarts Likes Dirt

    Yeah, we had some complications pop up along the way and we're only just now at a point were we see some "calm water" ahead. And I am itching to get back out as it was my primary method to relax and re-centre.

    Gotcha. Flip bike, pump tyres and brace for disappointment or a heart attack. :p
  11. SlowManiac

    SlowManiac Likes Dirt

    Not only fitness will have been lost - in my case any minor skills I had were also gone.
  12. Mr Crudley

    Mr Crudley Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I do this one before most rides, plus rolling on the back wheel while navigating the cars in our the driveway helps.
  13. slowmick

    slowmick Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Our little girl arrived in December. i feel your bike riding pain.

    Take it easy - your fitness has abandoned you. Also, the trails you know havee probably changed since last time. i got surprises at Lysterfield on ride #1.

    Go with a clear time frame for bike riding fun. The joy of my first ride was killed by my lack of fitness, the bike needing some attention (not a problem you will have) and the feeling that i should actually be doing something more productive with my time that suffering on the bike (finishing the kitchen renovation).

    i went with mates on my first ride. i would suggest a solo ride as it is will mask any loss of fitness. i was the little red caboose on the friend train - our 2 hour ride took 3.

    hope you have an awesome ride and get the smiles. :thumb:
  14. safreek

    safreek Vealcake

    Don't forget your neck brace, nuff said:pray2::sorry:
  15. Art Vanderlay

    Art Vanderlay Hourly daily

    I'd say you're back to stage 1 in gooch toughness.
  16. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    What is the best technique for preparing this tender area? Shave down, sorbolene, talk, ride? No shave? Pre/post sorbs? As a regular saddle user I'm on a twice weekly leather treatment using kiwi leather lotion:

  17. Ultra Lord

    Ultra Lord Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Start pegging with a pissed wife who cant get it in the hole. The impacts will toughen the general area
  18. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Is figging an acceptable substitute for pegging?
  19. pineapplehead

    pineapplehead Likes Dirt

    I almost spit my coffee everywhere.. That's brutal, and hilarious!
  20. slowmick

    slowmick Likes Bikes and Dirt

    so much wrongness makes so much funny-ness.:becky:

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