App than will track HR (and cadence if possible ) and export to strava


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any have any clues???
since strava killed ANT + and blue tooth devices as they cant code correctly ( no i cant )
looking for an app on android phone that can do HR and cadence if possible,
then upload to strava
i cant be assed with a bike computer yet,....


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Download the app for your phone. The iOS version works with every Bluetooth and ant+ heart rate and cadence sensor I’ve ever used with it.
From what I see the android version of the app is just as good.


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I know you say you can’t be arsed with a bike computer, but a circa $99 Bryton 310 will do exactly that and do the GPS etc. what I like is I don’t need to carry a phone or anything else and I still get the nerd stuff.


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i haven't used it for a while so don't know the deets any more, but you could try Endomondo.

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it’s a pita that strava won’t accept hr anymore, i’ve gone to fitbit ionic - got it cheap 4 120 off a cross guy who bought i for his Gf who used it 3 times in year, i’m loving the fact i can pay with paywave with it, huge bonus for me, don’t need carry anything.
the Hr measurements are a bit on the low side, i maxed hr this morning, which for me is 190...the watch is only showing 172 ish..i have a giant neostrack/ bryton 330 , has close to 30hr battery life, which is fantastic for navigating, it s just something else i have to charge & carry...enjoying the watch for now
i did have a stand-alone app for an aldi hr strap i bought cheap, was ok, ill look up the name later