Australia Post, I hate you!


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Apparently I had an "attempted delivery - nobody in attendance" at 10:30 this morning. Ummm, nope. I was definitely home and had full view of the driveway. There was no attempted delivery and I couldn't find a calling card anywhere. I only knew of the attempt when I received an email saying I had a parcel waiting for collection.


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I was at my LPO collecting a parcel that the local white van driver decided was too hard to get to my front door, and automatically carded me. Bet he pre wrote cards for all that days parcels.

I tell the lady behind the counter what’s happened, and that I’ve got video footage of him never coming to the front door to ring the bell, I was home. Manager yells out from across the room “aww fuck that guy, that’s more then 50 in the last few days” and then she proceeds to tell me to please make a formal complaint via the 1800 phone service.


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Seems like the numpties delivered it to themselves, will probably confuse them for a week. Is a brake line from eighty one spices who express posted it "sigh emoji"
How does that even happen :oops:

Unless he wrote his sender addy in the wrong place.


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I’m awaiting a parcel from the US … it’s been at jfk airport since the 5th Sep , I think it’s never coming .
TBF tho I ordered a new motor for my vacuum cleaner on Sunday night and received on Wed @ 8 am !
Melbourne dispatch , regional delivery .


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I received a parcel a few days ago. Then two days later I get a reminder card. No tracking on it so no idea what it actually is. I’m pretty sure it’s for the parcel I picked up two days previous but I rack my brains. Maybe I bought something and forgot. It’s possible.
So I take time off work to go to the PO and sure enough it’s for the parcel that’s already been collected 2 days previous.
grrrrr. Mostly for wasting my time but also for it not being a nice forgotten about surprisepart or something.

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I have recently had a few deliveries from England. The ones via Australia Post have all arrived within 5 days and been delivered as expected. The DHL delivery however...not so much.

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I wish I had a bad story but I had a small cabled delivered from the USD via USPS and then AustPost. A combination that doesn't inspire confidence right up. I had my USPS and AustPost tracking numbers.

The package seemed to stall in Sydney for about 3 weeks. I thought that must have made its way under the couch and never to be seen again. I raised a case with AustPost and gave them both tracking links. They had it on the move next day and has arrived this morning.

Call that a win!