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Ask me about Piriformis syndrome
Had my medium red v2 spitty for almost 6 years. Still loved it, but it’s always felt a tad on the short side in medium. Got by with 60mm stem and the seat slid back a little, but always felt it slightly hampered the ride.

A few months back, @dh1 offered me his large frame, but a mate was in more need than me, so I sadly let him have it, and regretted it every day.

Cue a mate recently agreeing his large was too big for him, so today we did a frame swap.

Only real change from my build was adding a 1deg angleset, swapping the CCDBA to another freshly serviced CCDBA, and dumping the 150 reverb for a spare 150 Lev. Started with black bars, now swapped to Renthals to match the dropper nicely.

TLDR, one spitty out, one spitty in.

Frame: V2 gen 1 Spitfire, large.
Fork: 160 Pike RCT3, soon to be Lyrik.
Shock: CCDBA.
Headset: Works Components 1deg angleset.
Drivetrain: XT M8000 shifter, derailleur, cranks, 32t ring and chain. XD 10-42 cassette.
Brakes: M8000 with 203/180 icetech rotors.
Rims: 27.5 Flow mk3 with mismatched decals.
Hubs: Hope pro4.
Pedals: DMR vault with angry pins.
Dropper: KS Lev integra 150mm
Bars: 760 Renthal Fatbars.
Stem: Thomson Elite 4x 50mm
Seat: Fizik Gobi.
Grips. Lock-on.
Tyres: Minion DHF 2.5/Agressor 2.4 tubeless.

First ride tonight. All the Spitty goodness but better. Knocked another 2 minutes off my fastest mountain loop, and didn’t push hard by any means.

Hail to the Rotorburn Trance.


Ask me about Piriformis syndrome
Green accents... Nice! :p

2 minutes off??! New bike energy the right there!
Ah yes, need to change fender.
I’d done a ride earlier, so wasn’t feeling freshest. Definitely feels like it pedals a little better with the slightly steeper SA, and not feeling as cramped.


Ask me about Piriformis syndrome
That trip to Russia for limb extension surgery looks to be paying off. What stem length on the L?
50mm. Early v2’s were on the short side. Reach on the large is only about 450, and I’ve shortened that a tad also with the angleset.
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