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The 15% off sale is a bit of a furphy. An M8000 rear derailleur was $124.99 last night. Today it is $140.99 with 15% off. Savings over last nights price is 4.1%. Bit cheeky.
That is pretty ballsy isn't it.

Any chance anyone has a cached version of the 124? I would pull them up on it.

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I bought some local-stock Shimano rotors from CRC and they were here in two days.

Shame the range is limited.

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anaconda have some hydro packs on clearout, with bladder for 15, only storage for keys/tyre levers, but still better price than bladder alone @26


I bit the bullet and bought These bars (click here) to replace my bars from my DH bike (750mm wide) and use the 750's to my trail bike (720mm wide) . Aiming to get a bit more modern sizing/better descending.

Wondering if anyone knows much about them? I think FSA is a well established and decent brand?

Now on the lookout for a new stem!


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Been around for years. Not shite, not high end. A bit like FUNN.
They make a lot of silly cranks with silly BCD’s.
They will work.