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Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by SF Trailboy, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. SF Trailboy

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  2. rider124

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    Scored myself a set of renthal fatbars from a while back on special for $40.
    they were just flogging em off super cheap, they didnt last long at all!
  3. moorey

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  4. maxpowers

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    2014 Pike solo air - $795 delivered from Chain reaction.

    No seals or air pump though. I've heard a few cheaper deals out there though.

  5. ChopSticks

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  6. creaky

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    Clearly. I clicked the link and got the OPs price come up.

    Free shipping is only to US though.
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  7. ChopSticks

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    cheaper indeed

    just bought a set of 2015 Pikes, with seals and shock pump from Bike24... different versions have different pricing.
    but my 26" 150mm solo air rcts2 came in at $740~AUD to my door
  8. SF Trailboy

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  9. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    RC are closer to $670 delivered on Merlin.
    150mm solo air rct3 are about $740 delivered on bike24
    I got dual pos rtc3 for under $800 delivered on cyclesport uk.
  10. moorey

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  11. Mywifesirrational

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  12. SF Trailboy

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    Nothing it just depends on the seller - remembering amazon is just a market place. Some sellers ship os for reasonable rates - some ship for stupid rates and some don't ship at all. These wheels come up for $28 something shipping for me to Aus -just put them in your cart and check out etc and shipping details will come up.
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  13. moorey

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    I've tried with a dozen things in the past. All said no shop to aus. I just assumed it was an Amazon policy. There you go :noidea:
  14. Mywifesirrational

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    I only use, had pretty good luck with more places shipping to AU and cheaper delivery price.
  15. SCO-e

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    you can always get a mail forwarder. They can even store your stuff for a couple months so you can send multiple packages in one hit.
  16. moorey

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    Ta cobs. I'll keep that in mind :music:
  17. DJR

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    stock disappeared on them very fast :(

    very good pricing compared to AUS
  18. Knuckles

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    Type with an American accent :doh:
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