Bargain buys thread


Random Krishna
NFI if a bargain
5.10 freerider pro shoes on Facebook US12.5 $135
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looks like it's the camping and fishing stuff. I don't see any bike gear.
oops got my dates wrong sorry - it's in 2 weeks, 4rd sept. No 1x10 29er tho :(



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Might be worth it for someone nearby. Might also have been permanently borrowed given the amount of info provided.


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Just a heads up. Ebay 15% with afterpay. Great way to get an manitou mezzer 15% off.
Meant to send a thanks for this the other day. Grabbed some stuff from bikebug via ebay and saved myself 15%. Had to sign up for millennial-pay, but can set that up to pay the installments via a credit card (so... go figure?).