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Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by THE Manik Man, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. THE Manik Man

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    I have noticed around the traps particulary at races that there are some exceptional trailer designs round the place, the crew i currently ride with is growing and a 2nd trailer is going to be needed, so before i go cutting & welding one up id thought id check out what everyone else is using and what people think works the best

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  2. binner

    binner Yellow Underwear Person

    Kram rack Mk2

    here is a design I raped off ol Kram, I call it the "kram rack 2000". I did a few mods of my own, I have my tailgate down and the rack sits on the tailgate to give me more room in the back to dump everyones gear for when we do a coffs trip.... carries five bikes and aweekend worth of real good and have only lost a few of the yellow hose pieces due to careless shuttling...

    on the whole it works a treat....although at some carparks people have thought it was a gun rest to shoot from !!!!!:confused::confused:

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  3. Dozer

    Dozer Heavy machinery. Staff Member

    But.....we do use it as a gun rack?:confused:

    I reckon Binner's set up (thanks also to Kram) is bloody sensational. It is quick, simple and looks after your bike in transit. You should think seriously about something like that.
  4. binner

    binner Yellow Underwear Person

    dance...I said DANCE !!!!!

    SHHHHHHHH ...only in coffs it has a second use.... ;)
    and cheap tooo...
  5. red_dog

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    club trailer - fits 18 bikes
    2nd trailer - fits 7 bikes





    photos from:

    btw - think we can tell what the numbers are - [​IMG] - not sure it matters..?
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  6. Duff_Man

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    mate there is only one option and one option is a crank slot trailer...thats how us vic's roll..nothin beats it, for some reason most of the other states havnt got the picture yet, and alot of ppl seem to try and reinvent the wheel every time they go to make a trailer. on a 6x4 trailer you can get 7 - 8 crank slots, with a flat deck made to sit ontop of the trailer...a little over hang is required....i dont have any pics but there is a few threads on it....prity much you make a frame/deck that will sit on the top of the sides of the trailer, you then attach crank slots, which you can purchase ready made from gripsport, to the deck/frame and away you go. You can make the deck overhang at each end to give you a bit more room for an extra bike, without doing to much over hang though you can get 7 bikes. In vic we make them all face the same way and we stager the crank slots , one left, one right, one left, one right etc hope you can get a mental picture, or maybs some one has a photo.....
  7. DJ_Huck

    DJ_Huck Banned

    Duff man is on the ball. WA is rocking a couple for race shuttles, they work real well. Dont have nay pics though sorry
  8. bodgie

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    How secure are the ones that use a crank holder. Me and my mates are thinking of building up a trailer but would they be secure enough to transport bikes long distances on the highway and stuff or would they be only good for short shuttle trips?
  9. unitec

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    9 bikes held in by a single lever. No damage what so ever as the only thing touching the trailer is the tyres.
    You would need to be prepared to put in the effort into the design however this may give you some ideas before you get the hack saw out.
    This is a very comfortable way to shuttle.

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    Thats one of the best by far 9 bikes that lever system is perfect :)
  11. andy73

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    Unitec, that trailer is sick! One of those with rims to match my SSV Commodore would go down a treat :cool:
  12. Xtremefreak

    Xtremefreak Likes Dirt

    nice trailer looks so neat

    i have one that just slides into the back of the box trailer i dont have any pics but i give u a simple plan using paint. the black is the frame the red is rubber straps that rap around the rim and wheel and the blue is wedelded on d shackels to secure it to the trailor ill give you some proper pics when i finish it

    having trouble up loading the pics i will give you the proper ones when i finish
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  13. binner

    binner Yellow Underwear Person

    on the ball

    yeah it was a subliminal joke.....:cool:
  14. binner

    binner Yellow Underwear Person

    my what a huge crank you have

    just remember you have to allow for bigger cranks Saints
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  15. siz

    siz Eats Squid

    Ute racks are best

    Binners Kram rack is great, gotta vouch for that.
    Specially for the weekend trips away, 4 blokes, 4-5 bikes, all their riding shit and a few eskies full of piss.....great.

    Trailers are great for clubs/racing, but gotta say, the crank holders do tend to trash your crank arms, there is other ways.

    Sox has a great trailer rack that uses the seatpost as the holding point.

    Dozer, you got any pics of this?
    Again it is one of those designs that require many skills to build.

    The more simple the design the better IMO, The ute type Kram rack is cheap and does the job, You dont need to go to the extended version like Binner has, you can simply use a u-channel section of aly, screwed to the inside of the ute and slide the rack in place, make sure you have a big rubber cover over the tailgate to prevent damage.

    Heres a shot of the original Kram rack, you can see how simple it is, and works a treat.


    My own rig is a patrol ute which can carry 7-8 bikes and riders with a trailer in tow for an extra 7 bikes plus riders hanging on for their life!!
    It chugs up the hills fine.
    Prob steered OT here a bit, but the fact of owning a shuttle vehicle prepared for it to get trashed, thats just the way it is, and is part of the expense of the sport.
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  16. Daver

    Daver Kung Fu Panda

    You guys are in Sydney right? I've seen that trailer (or one identical to it) a few times on the way to work.

    Anyway, IMO trailers that hold cranks suck, royally. The best ones (ie- least damage to the bikes, easy to secure) are the ones which have a 'gutter' for your tyres, and then a groove that holds your seat/post with a tie down. Causes no damage to the bike, and are simple to use.
  17. ozzy osbourne

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    Yes its all nice looking and stuff but what happeneds if you wants 24 inch wheels? some people have them on their DH bikes. Also how wide are the slots because people have like 3 inch tyres and 1.9 inch tyres
  18. ollieo

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    9 bikes held in by a single lever. No damage what so ever as the only thing touching the trailer is the tyres.
    You would need to be prepared to put in the effort into the design however this may give you some ideas before you get the hack saw out.
    This is a very comfortable way to shuttle.
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    Nice set up ...just one Question . how do you stop movement in the front end of the bikes with a full load on a feral shuttle track.??
    .was thinking "C" section on the angle for each front tyre
  19. Kano

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    Here's a smaller version of the crank holder system made for the back of my ute. Travel long distances all the time no problems. As mentioned the crank does does take some wear and tear and an adapter needs to be used for large cranks such as saint.

  20. hidesy

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    thats my mates dads trailer, and it works with 26,24,20 inch wheels but not as well with the smaler ones although they wont fall out, and as for the tyers ranging in sizes it holds all types of tyers as the clamp is shaped like a wedge /\

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