BST Nano buys Ellsworth


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BST Nano Carbon, a leading design and advanced composites manufacturer, has announced the acquisition of Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles, designer and “Made in America” manufacturer of award-winning mountain bicycles for nearly 25 years.

As part of the agreement, Ellsworth Bikes’ Founder Tony Ellsworth will oversee the brand’s product design and work closely with BST Nano Carbon’s engineering and advanced materials team to create the next generation of Ellsworth bicycles. Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles’ offices and operations, previously based in Ramona, Calif., are now located in BST Nano Carbon’s state-of-the-art 65,000 sq. ft. R&D and manufacturing facility at 16275 Technology Drive in San Diego, Calif.

“I’m so excited that the Ellsworth brand has found such a remarkable, synergistic partner in BST Nano Carbon. I look forward to seeing the brand I started nearly 25 years ago continue to excel with ideals in environmental consciousness, craftsmanship, advanced material of the highest quality and technology utilization,” Ellsworth said. “Those ideals are clearly embraced and shared by the leadership at BST Nano Carbon, who are a perfect steward for the brand’s future. I’m confident with their amazing design and technological expertise, truly ‘Made in the USA’ manufacturing and financial resources, Ellsworth will not only continue to grow, but become the worldwide leader I always envisioned it could be.”
“BST Nano Carbon’s acquisition of Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles is the perfect opportunity to showcase our advanced composites, engineering and manufacturing expertise to the cycling community,” said William C. Wood, senior vice president of BST Nano Carbon’s Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “Our team has made high-end bike components on an OEM basis for many years. We appreciate Tony’s design brilliance and have had our eye on the Ellsworth brand for some time.

Ellsworth customers will be very excited to soon see a new generation of high quality, Tony Ellsworth-designed bicycles and components that are engineered and manufactured in our San Diego facility. In addition, we are committed to a strategy that promotes globally, but relies on independent, local bike shops throughout the country and around the world to dramatically grow the brand and bring the highest quality, best riding mountain bikes to our customers.”

Ellsworth’s heritage moments, awards and accolades have been numerous including the Truth XC/Race mountain bike being named one of Mountain Bike Action’s Top 25 Bikes of Last 25 Years; Outside Magazine awarding the Epiphany its Gear of the Year mountain bike award, and the Ellsworth Ride cruiser bike winning Popular Science Magazine’s Best of What’s New Grand Award.

About BST Nano Carbon

BST Nano Carbon brings together thought leaders and acclaimed scientists from the advanced composites arena, decades of complex manufacturing expertise, experienced leadership and an award-winning reputation for quality and exceeding its customers’ expectations. The company is a recognized leader in the advanced resins, polymers and carbon fiber industry, and has evolved to focus on nano carbon composites for use in the latest era in advanced design and manufacturing opportunities, including expertise in carbon nanotubes (CNTs), graphene and synthetic spider silk, among others. BST Carbon Nano is headquartered in San Diego with east coast operations located in the Boston, MA area.

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Can only hope they change their linkage design..... But I highly doubt it.
their rudimental looking 4-bar design most definitely needs a refresh of sorts..... at least this new venture surely mean a full carbon ellsworth line?


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Hopefully the buy out yields some exciting new rear suspension.... Coz the rear triangle on that looks like it got vomited out of a model T Ford.

Shame, as the close ups of the front triangle really do yield some great detail. If you bolted a standard Meastro or even a single pivot to the back. You would get a very distinctive and smart looking bike.


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I used to like the Dare with it's massive walking beam linkage, I remember one of the older mtb videos had a rad tracking shot of some guy blasting a snaking trail next to a road with a huge log booter at the end, on a Dare with maybe Monster Ts.

...But that was like 14 years ago.


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Yea guess their not everyone's cup of tea (more like Bonox in this case ) but someone must still be buying these things.



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The back end looks to have had a slight redesign. Shorter link and more of a diamond shape than a square . Almost identical to a 2015 cube bike . Should paint the rear to match the frame though but then beauty is irrelevant it's how a bike rides that's important and nothing else matters. Not the history, the owners , where it's made or anything . Just the ride .


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I always wanted one of their hardtails. Can't quite remember what it was called, but Von Williams rode one in Double Down/Third Down - it might've been called a Specialist? Also remember going on shop rides with a fella on a Truth with a Shiver SC on it - man, that was a sexy looking bike...


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I used to like the Dare with it's massive walking beam linkage, I remember one of the older mtb videos had a rad tracking shot of some guy blasting a snaking trail next to a road with a huge log booter at the end, on a Dare with maybe Monster Ts.

...But that was like 14 years ago.
Dangerous Dan on Air Supply?

As for changing the suspension. It's worked well for this long why change it for something that isn't a good just because it isn't in keeping with the current the narrow fashion trend trend.
Lets face it the 2 most common response to any new bike getting posted on here is 1 "It looks exactly like a...." or 2 "It looks different.. must be ugly"

I remember being in love with the old tribal style Dare. Sure Most people would consider it hideous looking at it now but back in the day I wanted one so bad
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They're not that ugly IMO. I find the straight-tubed custom hand-made by joe bloggs who is proudly of caucasian heritage type frames boring and ugly. At least the Ellsworth has a few bends. And it certainly aint MountainCycle ugly either.


Having said that, there's at least a dozen other bikes I'd choose before it, primarily because I've grown to dislike Horst Link style suspension from a previous bike.