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I need a decent pair of cable cutters that won't break the bank that I can get from somewhere like Bunnings? Can someone recommend something? I'm tired of fraying my cables..


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The Park CN-10 aren't cheap but do perform really well. Should be a buy once, never again type proposition though.

Cables will blunt or dint most standard side-cutters pretty quickly.


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I use balustrading cable cutters, designed for 5mm cable. will last you a life time cutting gear cables. think I bought them from bunnings


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Dont waste your money on a set of electrical side cutters. They don't cut steel cable square and blunt quickly.
You need some proper shears, like the Park Tool CN-10.

Side cutters only pinch the cable between the sharp edges of the jaws. Steel cables are too tough to cut that way. A shears jaws slide past each other and ensure a clean cut.

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My channel lock sidecutters have been doin a bang up job cutting cables for a few years now. And alot of electrical wiring in between cable changes.
Cheap and gnarly electrical side cutters won’t last, but they don’t last cutting copper wiring either so eh.

Edit: they did my braided brake lines too.


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I have had a set of these for years and have cut shitloads of cables with them and they work goodly.

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alid sinistra oliva
@DMan are you near a TradeTools TotalTools? Force or similar do decent cutters for about $40.
No unfortunately. I live in the asshole of the universe as far as getting something like cutters. Already rang both our automotive parts shops and mitre 10 etc.. Nothing. Useless.


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I got one of these from cycling deal, $30 posted and a nice solid build quality. So far so good, cuts cables like a cable cutter cutting a cable

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