Clavicle Malunion - Surgeon Recommendation


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Hi all,

In 2014 I fractured my clavicle after 'catching an edge' while snowboarding. The clavicle broke into two pieces which did not join in their original position. The two pieces overlapped each other and healed. There is a noticable lump near the effected shoulder and the shoulder has been uncomfortable since.

I have heard of orthopedic surgeons 're breaking' and fixing the two broken pieces together with a metal plate in a position closer to the original position of the two pieces.

The surgeons I have spoken to are reluctant to do the surgery as there are risks involved. Also the surgeons I have spoken to have not performed many, if any of these surgeries.

My question is, to my fellow mountainbikers who possibly have a greater number of broken colarbones per person when compared to the general population is, have you ever had this surgery and if so, who was your surgeon? PM if required.


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I haven't had surgery like this, but one of my friends did a long time ago. His shoulder was really fucked up and had rolled forward while healing. He had the surgery a lot closer to the date of injury than you're talking about, within 12 months I'm pretty sure. Good luck with it all and if you get nowhere maybe had a mate boink it with the hammer?


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Similar deformity. I'm in Toowoomba QLD but willing and able to travel the East Coast for the purpose of surgery.