Product Review Cleanskin products

Cleanskin has expanded their range of mountain products very nicely over the last year and it’s loaded with the most practical stuff you can get your hands on but the best part? Its remarkably cheaper than a lot of the other options out there but keeps you in tune with good quality products. I’ve got a bunch of Cleanskin gear in my collection already but now I’m adding these goodies, have a look at this cool range available at MTB Direct!

The Cleanskin clamp workstand is perfect for maintaining your bike at home and folding up into a compact and light package makes it ideal for taking away on riding trips in the car. The bulk of it is aluminium with a firm gripping resin clamp that can hold your bike by the top tube or the seat post. To stop the front end wobbling around, just attach the nifty stabilizer and you’re sorted. It’s rated to hold bikes up to 25kg so you can swing your e-bike onto or even work on your 1990’s downhill bike! There’s a handy magnetic tray to keep your tools in one place and binds to the stand when folded open. I expected the stand to be heavier but when opened up and in use, its very stable and a ton better than other heavy stands I’ve spent too much money on. This stand is only $150 and ticks every box I need, I’ve traveled with it and the compact fold up design is perfect for that pre ride tune up in your accommodation before jumping on the chairlift.

While you’ve got your bike in the work stand, you’re gonna need to make sure your suspension has the right pressure. If you haven’t grabbed the Cleanskin digital shock pump already; you can spend a mere $45 to get the Cleanskin analogue shock pump. This shock pump can adjust to 300psi and the air bleed valve allows you to drop 3psi per pump. It’s no fuss, it’s a solid build and doesn’t wobble and wander around in your grip. The head of the pump is attached to a 360 degree hose to make sure it’s not kinking in a tight spot. I haven’t had any air loss when undoing the head and it is close enough to matching the pressure shown on a digital shock pump. Again, for $45, its amazing value.

Seeing as you’ve saved a chunk of cash grabbing the work stand and the analogue shock pump, you could get another must-have for working on your bike at home; the Cleanskin Clik CNC torque wrench. I swear by making sure all your fittings are correctly torqued, you’re chancing a failure on your parts (bolts, nuts etc) if they aren’t tightened correctly. This ratcheting torque wrench is very firm to use and has basically all the allen key sizes you’ll need plus torx bits. There’s also a handy extender for those longer to reach spots. This all comes in a cool snap tight fitted plastic box that’ll look neat in your workshop kit. It can apply torque from 2 to 24nm. Applying torque over that amount on alloy fittings and threads in carbon can be dicey so the old argument of needing a wrench that does up to 100nm is not really valid unless you’re using a good wrench. With that in mind, the Cleanskin torque wrench is a nicely built CNC alloy ratchet with a definitive click as you reach your torque setting. It has a reversible lever so you can also do reverse threads; handy! Its also only $90!

So, you’ve got your bike tuned and ready to ride which clearly shows you care for your very expensive bike yeah? You should protect that nice finish! Grab a Cleanskin Frame Protection kit; a $40 envelope with 24 pieces of varying sized 3M protective film. You can get a clear transparent or a textured finish and it’ll cover all sorts of pieces of your frame and we’re assured it won’t yellow over time. I’ve had this on a frame since summer and it’s perfect, the edges don’t lift, the material is easy to apply to a clean frame and it is robust enough to resist a good hit from something on the trail surface. Again, it’s $40! Kind of a no brainer to me, this stick-on stuff does look good and ages very well.

I’ve got a home workshop full of expensive tools that are outclassed by gear that is somewhat cheaper. Brand names tend to be a timeless thing relied on by quality and pricing. My hope is that Cleanskin get a good foot into the market and keep cranking out some cool products. Nothing I’ve used from the Cleanskin range has let me down. The pedals are great, the light systems are much more preferred than others, the shock pumps have been spot on and the workstand is getting used more than the big blue one. I tip my hat to Cleanskin, they’re getting after some good stuff and getting it to you at reasonable prices with gear that lasts. Nice work Cleanskin!


I've been pretty happy with the Cleanskin stuff so far, with the exception of the gear cable set. The inner has a rough surface to it and the outer has a cheap and stiff plastic feel.
It would be cool to see a Cleanskin wheel truing stand (and by association, spoke keys) and some more parts and consumables like chains, tyres and brake lines. Heck, some junior bits and bobs would be great too. (I know they already have some junior grips available)
Their pedals are excellent value as mentioned, would recommend, also have the newer blind bearing puller but haven't used that yet so can't comment on that. The Duo lights I bought are as bright as claimed but if I'm honest, was a little disappointed with how narrow the beam was. Still great lights though for sure.
I have the cleanskin duo light for night riding and it works great! Seems to be well specced for the price too but that's just going off what friends have and what they paid for their gear
Anyone used their brake pads? A brake set I bought came with some new ones spare so would rather shelve them if they’re not great and just start with something better. Life’s too short for shit pads.