CO2 Cartridge inflators - worth trying?


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Also note that they freeze the sealant and kind of ruin it in a tubeless setup. Having said that, I love them and yes the 25g canisters can pop a bead on from scratch.


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Co2 are a life saver. Carry two at all times.
Who wants to be pumping like crazy on the side of the road when its cold and rainy and miserable.


Hmmm, well I bought 10 canisters and have not had a flat since then. Touch wood. Carry a couple for each ride.

I must think about the canister sleeve, I have just thought I would wrap my gloves around as I don't want frozen fingers.


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I've wondered about them, but never actually looked into it.

I always thought these were for folk who run tubeless with sealant - but this thread now has one post which mentions it kills the sealant, and several mentioning road bikes.

So is the idea behind them just a quicker way to fill up the replacement tube in both scenarios? (i.e. tubeless MTB tyre and road bike with tubes)


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If you race - great! Time is going to be of concern if your competitive. If not, don't bother. Really - you need to carry a pump anyway (I just don't buy it from those who say they ditched their pump - I've had to lend my pump to people who only had CO2 a few times recently)

Just get a decent pump!! I ride with a backpack & love my Lezyne Micro Floor Drive - only 200g Your CO2 cartidges will run at about 50g each and you will need to carry a few, as well as a small pump, so all up probably more weight than my pump. If racing you might gamble on only carrying 1 cartridge.