Coeliac cycling.


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My partner is, we live together which makes me one by default. I've done quite a but of reading as she has some 'odd' but normal side effect from the disease.

What were you looking to know?


Gatorade and powerade are gluten free. Red bull is ok if you like energy drinks. You can also get some energy/ protein bars from your local supermarket. I think musashi offer a small range. But you would need to check the ingredients. If there is something particular you are looking for let me know. I have done a lot of research for this stuff.


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Most gels are fine, even if they say the maltodextrin or glucose is from wheat, it's so highly processed at that stage there's no gluten.

Endura energy bars and rehydration powder are fine.

Torq bars have oats in them, so it depends on your position on oats (around here it's 'if in doubt, don't eat it'). The Torq rep swears there's a coeliac on the Torq team that eats them ok, but my +1's not prepared to risk it.