Confessions from the fuckwits.

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by moorey, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    I've been on the hunt for the right set of SH hubs to replace the king earles on my bottlerocket. Rear was slipping when I bought it, pulled it apart, it's beyond repair. Had been using a spare set, but was keen to build up original rims with replacement hubs*

    *you may have seen my wanted ads and sig, seeking 36 spoke hubs/shagged wheels with good hubs.

    Anyhoooo, got some nice red hope pro 2 evos yesterday (thanks, rainbowofdeth, new front bearings and they'll be like bought ones). Had a few hours spare this arvo while kids played, so I made a start on the wheel unbuild/rebuild. Dismantled old wheel...Started relacing the hopes onto the rims.....

    .....I swear that I counted the spokes when I first got the bike...I guess I don't count good.:noidea:

    So... Now I have no money for new 36 spoke rims, and a set of sweet 36 hole hubs....

    Ive made a few bike fuck ups in my time, but this has to be the most embarrassment and cringeworthy.

    Eat a dick, me.
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  2. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    Eat a big bag of them. Extra juicy ones. I'd go on, but I may possibly have a fuckwit's confession of my own..

    Had a few items from crc lying around that I pulled together to send back for refund - goggle lenses (ordered wrong shape), shorts (ordered wrong size), front derailleur(got it so wrong it may aswell have been snowboard bindings).. Total spend $89 inc. postage. Cost of returning $41. So I'll end up with $48 for returning $79 worth of stuff. Really impressed myself.
    *Edit* Oh, and I also went down to the LBS and paid $70 odd for the correct front derailleur in the meantime.. (incase you weren't already convinced that I am, indeed, a fuckwit).
  3. wilddemon

    wilddemon Likes Dirt

    A demonstration of humility. Are you dying?
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  4. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    You sound like a guy who wants to buy a set of 36 hole hubs and 32 hole rims... Pm me.
  5. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    Probably, aside from that, while being a jackass, I'm never shy about letting others have a good laugh at my expense.
    Oh, and admit something, or GIT!! GIT!!!
  6. harmonix1234

    harmonix1234 Eats Squid

    That's alright.
    Once I walked straight through the fly screen on our sliding door and ripped the whole bloody thing off the door in the process (imagine the king of all spider web faces whilst tripping over).
    I spent over an hour putting the bastard back in. Slowly kneading the bead back into the groove in the frame inch by inch with a plastic spoon.

    When I was finished, I went and chucked the spoon in the bin straight away, turned around and walked straight back through it again. Ripping the whole thing down in the process.

    Utter fuckwittery.
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  7. wilddemon

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    Ok you fuckwit.
    I busted a chain, probably a couple of times, on my road steed. Let's put those first couple of breaks down to awesome power (or poor gear selection). The last one, that has seen me off the bike for about 2 months, right before the cappy and the mont, rooting my training, was because I was a fuckwit and reused chain pins. What a tightwad fuckwit! *hangs head in shame*
    Edit: I could well be a major contributor to this thread, behind moorey of course
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  8. finksta

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    Here I was thinking I was the only one to do something like that. Smashed a rim about 18 months ago, found some flows on sale, thought I'll have one of those. Took the fucked wheel and new rim to lbs to have them rebuild it, got a phone call an hour or so later to tell me it ain't gonna happen. Seems I'm also a fuck wit who can't count, still have the brand new rim sitting in the shed.

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  9. vtwiz

    vtwiz Likes Dirt

    We already know you are a f'wit. Not sure why you feel the need to remind us?
  10. Urban DH

    Urban DH Likes Bikes and Dirt

    found some fundamental rims on sale in a rush of excitment brought them, built them and then went to put tyres on and oh........24" rim :frusty:

    also my recent debarcles with setting up saint gear, funny how a 2nd new cable and casing and a 1pc casing rather than 3pcs make all the problems magically go away somehow!
  11. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    Ok, that first one is tough to beat. Sourcing spokes and all, and didn't pick it up? You, sir, are a royal fuck wit. I tip my hat :lol:
  12. Urban DH

    Urban DH Likes Bikes and Dirt

    yeh i tok em out the box went sick straight down the lbs same day and them got em back went SICK went to put the tyres on NOT SICK!
  13. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    Shoulda simply put 24" tyres on, problem solved.
  14. ChopSticks

    ChopSticks Banned

    cant beat the 24' rim fuck up

    but my most embarrassing one was not remembering the whole shimano/sram pull ratio difference.....

    thought I snagged an awesome deal on a new x9 mech for the missus Trance along with a set of XT shifters...... also spent $$ on brand new inner and outter cables too

    installed everything, cut cables, mech and shifters, tightened every bolt and proceeded to tune mech....and for 2 hours i couldnt get it to work...then the 10000W light bulb Flick on and i felt like a complete idiot
  15. Urban DH

    Urban DH Likes Bikes and Dirt

    you've just doubled the size of the fuck up, i sold the wheels and built 26" ones 24" tyres would have been much cheaper, fuck.
  16. Mattydv

    Mattydv Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Made my day!
  17. John U

    John U MTB Precision

    Blowing an around $200 bulb on a Nite Rider HID lightset experimenting with what happens when running these lights while not riding. Pretty obvious what would happen.

    Fuck lights used to be fuckin' expensive.

    Trying to clean the seals of a set of Fox Forks without taking the lowers off. The manual gave some pretty detailed figures of how to do it but didn't mention taking the lowers off. Ended up scratching the stantions (lightly) but was well fucked off as I did it in the process of trying to look after the forks.
  18. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    I was a bees dick from doing this in a lazy moment the other day. Very rare occasion for me when good sense over ruled my ambivalence.
  19. wilddemon

    wilddemon Likes Dirt

    Ha ha this thread is making me feel so much better I'll chip in again. A buddy gave me an old hardtail with Marzochi forks. I put those forks on a new build, trying to make a nice light road trainer. I was under 10 pretty cheap and closing in on 9. Because I was running discs I didn't need the mounts for the v-brakes so took them off and thought nothing more about it. Took the bike into work to do a couple of things and showing off my handy work while I threw it on scales. Under 9 kg, matey very impressed but what was that oil comin out of the forks? The v-brake mounts actually hold those forks together and while I'm just starting to figure out the gravity of the situation I can see the forks starting to come apart before my very eyes. I hurriedly open the valves on either side avoiding killing someone but not before getting a nice spray on my clean office getup, much to amusement of work matey.
  20. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    Under 8.5 without the oil?:noidea:
    Thats gold.
    Ok, time to change thread title, seeing it's not just me doing these things.

    I just did a deal on a frame. Couldn't find the specs on the year model, so looked at the identical looking next years model. Yep, 30.9 seat tube, current dropper will bang straight in. Score.
    Nope... It's actually 27.2:tape:

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