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Discussion in 'Phat Snaps' started by Minical2233, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Minical2233

    Minical2233 Banned

    Hopefully this hasnt already been started. :confused:

    Since there has been many new big threads of different things. I thought i should make another new one.


    Post up your best and all your stack & crashes or Crash marks (a.k.a - grazes, cuts etc). :eek:

    Here is a pic of my leg after K2 at Coal Cliff Wollongong, nice lil slice. :cool:
    Cheers :D

    Keep Clear Of Car If Tibby Is Driving, Bad Experience's !

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  2. kyleman

    kyleman Likes Dirt

    Man thats a clean slice..ur sorta lucky in a way it was all fucked up around the place..deep though..ouch
  3. ajay

    ajay ^Once punched Jeff Kennett. Don't pick an e-fight

    My mate snapped this one of me sketching out off a lip of a 20 ish footer at Nerrina (ballarat).... Great photo...

  4. crozzo

    crozzo Likes Dirt

    yea!! hes farked
  5. S_Town

    S_Town Likes Dirt

    ouch. did you come out of it ok?
  6. leitch

    leitch Wheel size expert

    best crash pic/sequence is still that one of patton faceplanting it in a 4x race... so good :p
  7. ajay

    ajay ^Once punched Jeff Kennett. Don't pick an e-fight

    Yeah, unscathed...:D
  8. tim_69

    tim_69 Likes Dirt

    heres one of me at bueaty few weeks ago, the mum was loving it haha

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  9. Alec McJo

    Alec McJo Likes Bikes and Dirt


    Taken by James Cameron ("maniacinc" on here) of our mate Steven Cook. He had a seizure afterwards, but the photo's good...
  10. Sketchy

    Sketchy Likes Dirt

    Owww. How was your head after that?
  11. melbourne rider

    melbourne rider The Select Phew

    i think i may have cracked a rib after this one. funny as hell.
  12. Ivan

    Ivan Eats Squid

    Got any more pics of this guy mid air? I think I was at these jumps today and wouldn't mind seeing what sort of height he was at to end up like that:eek:
  13. Bowlo

    Bowlo Eats Squid

    Bahahahahahahaha S town that one is gold!! I have stacked numerous times and never got a photo of it haha. I'll try to stack it today then post one up ;)
  14. jessebatty

    jessebatty Likes Dirt

    I rarly stack so i don't have any piccies:eek:
  15. anok

    anok Likes Dirt

    Thought I'd post these two that I got of Claire Whiteman at 2006 Worlds at Rotorua.



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  16. leitch

    leitch Wheel size expert

    "oh fuck" i believe is the correct explanation...

  17. Slacky

    Slacky Likes Dirt


    ooooo nice photo how big was the jump:)
  18. cdfeto

    cdfeto Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Look at the expressions on the spectator's faces behind Caroline.
  19. Tristan23

    Tristan23 Farkin guerilla

    Check out the guy on the right. Looks like he's just seen a ghost.

    This is the only one i've got..we never stack cos we're extreme huckzorz riderz. But this one's not even really a stack, more a ball crunch.

  20. chadly2233

    chadly2233 Squid

    (yn) NICE (yn)

    haha great pics guys, geeez some would have killed:eek: I like your signature lil callow haha yeh tibby stay away from cars at al times haha :p
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