Do many people know about Chromag in Australia


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I have just moved to Australia from Whistler, BC where I have lived for many years. Now Chromag bikes and accessories are a huge brand over there but no one seems to know about it in Australia. Do many people know about Chromag in Aus?


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Know about them from my trips to Whistler, but they are not very popular here.


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Chromag Love right Here, I've got Acute Bars, Ranger Stem, and TrailMaster DT Saddle, they are smick. I want to get their Dolomite Seat post, and quick release seat post leaver as well, but other things are on the list before that.


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People know the brand.. but I'm guessing because its not local (as it is in BC) it isn't as big a thing here..


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I run a Chromag bar on my downhill bike (black chrome Fubar OSX). Nice bar, comfy (for me) and everyone asks what it in what is it made from as opposed to who the hell are chromag.


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It used to be a bigger brand out here, but bike components tend to go in and out of fashion pretty quickly.


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Love Chromag stuff, running a Ranger stem at the moment, and have a pair of bright orange Fubars OSX sitting around ready to be used again one day..


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I think they lost out when 780mm+ bars become available, well they got scratched for me anyway. Nice looking gear none the less


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I remember rocking up at my local trail earlier this year and almost everyone was rocking chromag fubars.


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Sadly life cant be a holiday all of the time, we do have to work to fund the good life.... i can assure you living is Australia is as close as it gets.


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Good crew at Chromag - always happy for you to drop in and talk bikes. :clap2:

I'm rocking a single ring on my TR450, they are a sick part, that's for sure.