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Have knuckles, will drag
Fuel was around $1.60/L here, dropped to $1.14 for two days then back up to $1.60. Not sure what it is now, diesel stays pretty consistent so don't always look. Crazy how much it fluctuates while the actual oil cost plummets.


Puts verniers on his headtube
petrol in melb went up 40c this morning to 154-160, despite oil being close to 20 a barrel, apparently our pump price should be about 1.10-1.12
It's a major bugbear of mine. 50 cents a litre can mean $500 a month to me. And that fuggin hurts.

I was paying attention two nights ago. Silverwater Road, close to the geographical heart of Sydney. There are two BP servos about 50 M apart on opposite sides of the road. One was $1.63, the other $1.17. ..10 minutes later on Parramatta Road, an independent at $1.11 and 300 M down the road, a brand name (forgot) at $1.55. I've recently stopped using my local, because they (EG/Woolies/Caltex) are one of the gougers now. It was good until Woolies sold out. Now, I can drive 2 km and save 50 cents per litre.