E Bike at Cross Country Endurance Event

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by Mugger, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Mugger

    Mugger Senir oMermber

    Hi Guys,

    I'm after some opinions on this topic. On the weekend an event called the Flight Centre Epic (http://www.cycleepic.com/) was held here in QLD with a race held over a 92km track. This year was my first year doing it and frankly it pushed me to my absolute limit and I have no idea how I managed to get to the finish line.

    Anyway, along the way I was getting stuck behind riders on E bikes on the descents and at the time I was unaware they were on E bikes. After passing them on the descents and making me way to the next climb I am then passed by them and only realise that they were on E bikes.

    Now I'll be honest, I've never been a fan of e bikes but if it gets people outdoors and being active then whatever that's cool but is it wrong to think that riding an E bike in an endurance event (this one took me 7 hours) just feels completely wrong/hollow and cheating? I know it was completely disheartening to see these guys just cruising past pedalling with ease with their music blaring when at the time I was suffering massively from cramp and could barely turn the pedals.

    I've probably come into the situation with a biased viewpoint but happy to be swayed...
  2. stirk

    stirk Wheel size expert

    I believe they are timed as an ebike in a different category so would not effect your position so that's ok. What's not ok is racing alongside everyone else and potentially getting in the way of non-motorbikes. Let them race entirely on their own on another day is my view. Consistently getting passed uphill by a motorbike only to have to try and pass them again on the downhill as they are not a good rider would be extremely frustrating.

    And I hate people playing music through a speaker while racing, fuckwits.

  3. teK--

    teK-- Eats Squid

    Yeah pretty much everything this guy said...
  4. John U

    John U MTB Precision

    Agree also. Using an ebike seems to defeat the purpose of racing. I don't see the point.

    The music thing depends on the rider, music, and volume. Can sometimes help on really long lapping rides when a faster rider has tunes playing. Lets riders like me know they're coming and to get out the way. Can also put a tune in your head to keep you going.
  5. Gripo

    Gripo Eats Squid

    If they assist someone with a condition or disability get out on a fire road and do some pedalling all well and good.....but

    I will be blunt....they are MOTORCYCLES and should not be at a bicycle event.....and I will extend that to not being used on bicycle specific trails at all.

    *the music thing, you are an idiot to block the ability to hear any up coming/on coming traffic be it dirt or road....sing the songs in your head....
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  6. Keachy

    Keachy Likes Dirt

    Bro. They're pedal assisted bicycles and unfortunately here to stay it seems. I agree thou. Different category different day or at least a different start time by at least and hour per 50km marathon

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  7. 99_FGT

    99_FGT Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Talk to Hayden about your concerns.
    This was the first time they had done it, and they need to see the feedback from Riders. This is pretty typical of most people's epic though - substitute ebike for triathlete or roadie...
  8. Stredda

    Stredda Likes Dirt

    I have the same problem with roadies in XC races, they hold you up on the descents, and smash you on the climbs. That's why I now prefer enduro ;)
  9. Shredden

    Shredden Eats Squid

    I have to wonder if we are at a similar point with them as with other entirely new applications of technology we have seen - when the Prius was released I doubt anyone saw the McLaren P1 coming 15 years later. Thats a slightly different example, but it does make me wonder if the ebikes are just going to get exponentially faster and faster over the next few years until they really are nearly like a sustitute for a dirtbike.

    The fact that you see conversation about the current MTB brakes being insufficent for pulling ebikes up is a concern to me - given the weight is not THAT much more than a regular MTB, it sorta indicates to me that they are already holding much faster speeds for much longer than regular MTBs.
  10. Snapcatcher

    Snapcatcher Likes Bikes

    I'm strongly considering getting an ebike in coming years. The Merida e160 looks pretty sweet. ATM I pretty much only do gravity/shuttle riding because I just cant/not fit enough to pedal up big hills. I'd love to be able to go out on long trail rides.

    But yeh, I dont agree with racing them at all, especially alongside regular bikes. Kinda defeats the purpose of an endurance race.
  11. mtb101

    mtb101 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    at the Otway Odyssey last year they had a e-bike category, what a shameful act having fat unskilled idiots on motorbikes racing against endurance cyclists, different category of course, but you still had gumbies out on single track different story if its a disabled person or geriatric, this push was mainly because of the sponsors pushing their crumbie e-bikes.

    I might turn up on my yz400 and see If I can race, put some pedals on of course.:second:
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  12. johnny

    johnny I'll tells ya! Staff Member

    Not a deal breaker at XC or endurance events but I'd rather see them have their own gigs rather than combine them. The fast up hills/slow on descents would REALLY shit me though. The only event I've shared with them seemed to have a 'no requesting a pass' in ascents rule.

    As for music? Couldn't care less and am surprised folk give a shit.
  13. B Rabbit

    B Rabbit Likes Dirt

    I crank my music at the Mont. The only thing that gets me through the 2am laps when I'm hurting ;)

    And the e-bike thing is fine with me, as long as they have their own category. The had them, again, at the Mont, never caused me a problem. Did have a laugh when one powerslide past me up a hill in the wee hours of the morning when I was considering falling over and dying.
  14. Mugger

    Mugger Senir oMermber

    Haha in hindsight the music wasn't an issue, I was just wound up over the E bike sightings and started air swinging at anything remotely annoying. I was also in a world of hurt so the emotionswere at all time record highs.
  15. shhhteve

    shhhteve Likes Dirt

    im sure its a really hard day at an endurance event when you have an E-bike.....
    cant wait till they have generators along the way so they can recharge....

    it seems to be the common thing at QLD events to cater towards the less skilled and "want to give it a go" people

    DH - tracks are made easier and getting pushed towards having an 'enduro' class
    XC - most trails around brisbane getting bulldozed for nice pathways around the bush... as roots and rock sections are dangerous

    and now what ..... having e-bikes at endurance events???

    why is everyone catering towards these squids who want to try and compete with everyone else??
    there is a thing called training, trying to push yourself..... nah ..... i will just go in to the local bikeshop and get an E-bike
  16. Ideate

    Ideate Senior Member

    Dirtbikes already have proper e-Dirtbikes. There is however custom setups that use MTB frames that do bridge the gap between MTB's and dirtbikes. I agree that these custom monsters don't belong on MTB trails.

    Pedal assist on the other hand is not a dirtbike (even if it has a MOTOR blah blah).. Things that will get better over the next few years will NOT be speed. It will be weight and footprint. In other words they're here to stay (and will eventually take over). Even Moorey will be on an eBike one day. Orange will make a special edition with "orange-climb-boost" which will be housed in their fugly frame tubes and totally unnoticeable. Mark my words.


    Edit: Using an e-bike in a regular XC event is not on.
  17. jrewing

    jrewing Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Take the battery out on gravity events
  18. Ultra Lord

    Ultra Lord Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I've never understood the orange hate, always liked their designs. Simple, well made bikes made for multiple seasons riding. And everyone should here you coming and move off the singletrack to let you pass.
  19. toodles

    toodles Super Moderator

    The Epic made it worse by having so many fireroad climbs so the e-bikes could easily pass you again, only to hold you up on the descents. They really needed to be done seperately or something.
  20. link1896

    link1896 Eats Squid

    from my POV, ebike = pedal assist <=250 watts.

    >250 watts electronic motor bike and get fucked go back to the moto track

    but when you keep on the rear wheel of an ebiker, fuck you feel like a hero. (who's about to have a heart attack!)

    mates who are about to turn 40 and traditionally serious XC riders are talking ebikes . bring it on I say, I'll get fucking strong again keeping up with all these ebikers, but you wont catch me on one. if it keeps people out on the trails that's all good, ripping up trails is an issue.

    ebikes in an marathon race, nah, send them off on another track with 4000m of climbing where they have to manage battery charge and not be a throttle jockey and actually pedal

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