E-line the new French-line?

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Apparently you can set the bike type to e-bike in Strava and you go on a separate leaderboard.


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I've really enjoyed doing this, something I've not really done regularly until I started riding with a photographer who always makes sure we get a snap (not some Instakook, someone who has made their entire career photography) and it's been good to have a pictorial record of the rides we've done.
Me too, and its fun sometimes to pose the bike in the shot. But I prefer to leave people and especially myself out of it!!


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I blame Strava.. A small downhill trail near me has been straight lined to death. E bikers also love their strava so we can blame both of them..
Downhill jump trail at our local has now been marked as dangerous on Strava, people were cutting corners and straightlining a series of berms in an effort to make it faster. Not what the trail was designed for.


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Before Strava, 'B-liners' were blamed... "get better skills or ride the appropriate trails instead of shortcutting, dickhead"

Next was us Stavassholes, short cutting the corners for an imaginary pat on the back and a thumbs up from our imaginary friends.

Ah... E-bikers, the new boy with the motorised help who was always going to cop some shit... but the ebiker can also be old, un-techy, slow usually and use Strava. Triple whammy !


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Also Stromlo was always meant to be exclusively human powered sports. They have grounds to ban e-bikes.
There was an article in the Canberra Times basically along those about 2 years ago...the place is now crawling with them though.

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There was an article in the Canberra Times basically along those about 2 years ago...the place is now crawling with them though.

Like that quote in the article that you can’t spin the wheels of a pedal assist ebike.. Pig’s arse..


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There is something pretty sweet about popping an E-bike in it's most powerful mode and riding an uphill trail like a descent.
Flame away


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Most bike shops will happily let you take one for a spin. Manufacturers really want to push them onto the public. Get one, whack into turbo and have a laugh..
Manufacturers "pushing" sales is just conspiracy theory talk by people who don't want to believe the sport is changing. Like every product, sales are demand driven. Most bike companies that have ebikes have significantly more non-ebikes for sale but it's just not where the sales are made these days. I reckon ebikes have caused a surge in second hand bike sales and that prices for them will start dropping for people as more people try to get on ebikes.