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Great stuff Moorey success has already been achieved in a great relationship with you and your family enjoying each other’s pursuits. The bike is really just the icing.


Likes Bikes and Dirt
Sweet ride! I have soft spot for konas since they made sick Stinky's (unrelated to gif above lol!).

Please do tell us why you don't get your trans back?


Big Block
Nice bike and possibly Dad of the year? I am a bit old but do you want another son?
Nice to see you cleaned up the workshop before taking the pics. First time I have seen 2 ovens in a workshop, but I do like all the stainless benches.


Likes Bikes and Dirt
Looks awesome Moorey, he'll be loving it ! Not so good on the tranny though.

I used to think when they reached my height and soared past that I would make great use of their cast offs... all I end up with is a pile of broken and trashed shit.
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Is looking for a 16" bar
Excellent choice for Junior!
What an awesome rig.
No doubt the stoke-o-meter has been cranked to eleven in the Moore house this week.

I have an XL Process and an XS oven.... soo... #itdidntfarkenfit.

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