Fire Warnings


Max Pfaff
My kid's school just advised they'll be closed (as right next to the bush) as a precaution. We're just down the road, so they'll be no safer at home. ;)

Fingers crossed for everyone close to the action.


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Yep. Looks like hell out there. Well enough acquainted with bushfires to empathize with those facing it or effected by it.
Stay safe peeps. Houses and property can be replaced in the end.


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Yes, I was in Benders for the Black whatever the Kinglake ones were. That was fucked enough, I recall embers and black cloud drifting over our house. Adelaide for the Ash Wednesday ones, family lost heaps.

I'd much prefer a cyclone.


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I was dealing with spot fires 100kms ahead of the main fire front during Black Saturday. Perfectly intact and complete gum tree leaves falling from the sky, totally black that crumbled into carbon as they landed on your hand... Its all very surreal.

The new normal. Fun times... Stay safe guys, and if in doubt just leave.


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Myself and two other guys stayed in a neighborhood in Willow Vale in 2001 and saved the adjoining six homes. Was something I NEVER want to experience again, was something you cannot describe and even trying to do so peaks your heart rate. I dread to think what the coming days will bring in my town and my beautiful home is in the path of it. I'll have my things packed tonight to get it safe if need be but nah, I won't leave my house.
Hope you all do better than okay. ;)


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I will never forget the Canberra bushfires in 2003, where nearly 500 homes burned to the ground and 4 people lost their lives, all this in a 10 hour period..
seriously, it was like something out of Lord of the rings..
I knew so many people that were affected, one of my close mates got out with only the clothes on his back.
I wish all the people that are at risk the best, and hope nothing comes of it.
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My kid's school just advised they'll be closed (as right next to the bush) as a precaution. We're just down the road, so they'll be no safer at home. ;)
Our school is closed as well, which is funny as it's supposed to be the designated Neighbourhood Safer Place.


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Stay safe everyone, its a shocking mess over there. I have never personally experienced bushfire and I have no family here in Aus so its not a thing that has ever affected me personally. Some of the footage that the volunteer firefighters have to deal with is crazy, I was in Apollo Bay when Kinglake was on fire a few years back with massive loss of life and homes.
We live in a high risk bushfire area in the side of the Adelaide hills overlooking the city... and just hope we have the time to evacuate if it ever happens.

A mate of mine who is a full time Air Rescue in NSW posted this >map link< a few days ago, is devastating even looking at it.

Good luck to anyone prepared to protect their property.

May the winds die and the rain falls !


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M'lady is coming back tomorrow from her latest shift in fire ops in the north east. Hopefully, by then I should have the important paperwork and data in the new shed (surrounded by bare earth in an open paddock).

The house itself is largely unprotectable in its current form (too many gaps and catch points), especially when we don't have any water. And that's even with us largely clearing all the understorey with 50 metres of the house.

So, in the highly unlikely event that something happens, we won't be trying too hard to save it.


That’s a pretty scary image @cokeonspecialtwodollars, with all those coastal towns potentially at risk.

Another scary fact I noted on the 7:30 Report last night is that over 850,000 hectares has gone up in smoke so far in NSW. For perspective, the Black Saturday fires in Victoria burnt 430,000 hectares.
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