Flash Bike slow rider!


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Hey I am in the Vets age bracket too and in defence of the young ones I would say that it is a minority with that type of attitude. Most of the young guys I have met on the trails have been very friendly and respectful like most riders. I would just ignore them and get on with doing what you love - riding damn fast, downhill! :cool:


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i say if it feels good ride it.... and if it looks good wear it, im finding that where i ride most of the youngsters have flash bikes anyway cause daddy bought them next years model already.... so i tend to strip my bikes back of decals and bright colours and go a bit incognito... that way when they see the old guy tweaking it, they just get shocked... not jealous!


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I'm only a beginner Vet, but I agree with most of the other points made in this thread.

Particularly that I brought my new bike knowing it wasnt going to make me a better rider.

I brought it knowing that I would enjoy it and ride it everywhere.

Thats the ROI for me ... my own enjoyment. If I enjoyed motor cars or Hi-Fi systems, I'd probably spend just as much money of these things. For the hours/days/weeks/months of fun and enjoyment I get on the bike, it's actually cheap!

I initially pondered if it was a bit too bling-bling, but I dont care what anyone else thinks, I ride it coz I love it.


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Agree, agree, agree....
I also started MTB'ng in 92 and remember going to a DH race at a grass ski park near kurrajong nsw.

My first vision of a PACE dual suspension rig imported from the UK. The rider back than was certainly not wet behind the ears and absolutely loved the idea of riding down hill fast.

Ive indulged and love it, riding more now than I did back than and the motivator is that nice ride waiting in the shed for a weekend thrash.....

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well it's not DH or cross-country, but i just dropped a month's budget on a new 2010 Kuwahara Laserlite Pro 24", two months back at racing. it's 2" shorter and lower than my Norco Speed Metal, and literally half the weight. considering at club meets i'm racing teen girls 30 years younger than me, yes, three and four years younger than my youngest child, i figure i can justify the expense and ease of riding that the Kuwahara affords me. i did 10 laps on my bike and 11 on my trainer's '08 Kuwahara yesterday, and i was sold.

just be glad that we can still ride and enjoy our chosen sport!


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I've made a few purchases like that this year, $10K watch, .
...now there's something I just don't get. $10K on a watch? I don't even wear one, it sort of just gets in my way. When I see people wearing those thick trophy watch type things I just think doesn't that weigh your whole arm down or something? On a related note, notice how almost no-one asks you the time anymore?

I reckon as I get older I care less about flash things e.g. I always thought I'd own a Beemer or a Merc, but now I just see them as basically overpriced Abu Dhabi taxis. Still, I do own the biking equivelent of an overpriced Cairo taxi, so what do i know? ;-)


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I don't think there is any need to justify to anyone (outside family and better half of course) what you buy, or what you ride? Agreed that a flash bike on the hill will certainly draw some attention to you from other riders, and should you not be able to hit that gap on your bright flouro yellow Evil Revolt bling bike, there may be some derogatory comments slung by those watching. But, at the end of the day, why should their opinions matter?

Of the contributions that are on this thread, there seems to be the common theme of, "you worked hard for your cash, so reap the rewards!". If your vice is buying an awesome rig that you can enjoy, then why the hell not? I often marvel at how much fun and satisfaction that I get from riding my bikes, and the places that this passion has taken me. So, if I choose to ride a bike worth more than many cars on the road as part of my hobby, I'll be caring not a jot of the negative comments that may be slung my way.

Having said that though, I don't think I've ever had any bad comments about the rigs that I ride shuttles, or at a bike park ... its been mainly compliments and thumbs up. That being said, I haven't been to a race day yet, so I wouldn't know what that environment would be like.


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Kids today!

Same story different year (decade/century/millenium)

Our fathers thought we had 'attitude' as did their fathers before them....and so on.

Having said that, i've never experienced any lip/attitude or snears from grommets on the mountain. For the most part they have all been mity fine little dudes who just love to ride.

Never experienced bike snobbery. Though its usually me drooling over the Santa Cruz/Intense/Banshee the lucky little shits get to ride.




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An old bull and a young bull are sitting at the top of a hill, looking down at a paddock full of cows. The young eager bull says to the old bull "c'mon, let's run down a fuck a cow, can we plese, c'mon let's go! c'mon, let's go run down and fuck a cow, c'mon man, let's go, now, let's go fuck a cow."

The old bull takes a deep breath, reflects a little, looks the young bull in the eyes and says "No! How about we stroll down there and fuck ALL the cows!" :p

In other words, you'll enjoy your hard earned, top of the range downhill rig much more than some young buck who's been handed one from Mum and Dad. You'll appreciate your riding much more and enjoy every moment of it.

Young bucks crash badly, and you'll just ride on by!


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I agree, spend what you got, on what you want.

Life's too short!

Good justification is to spend good money on a bike, which will last a hell of a lot longer than a cheap-o piece of crap.

I love my blinged up bikes, they aren't the latest and greatest. Simply because I can't afford them, but they are good bikes and I spec them up when and where I can. I love riding them and don't give a hoot what anyone else thinks or says.

"It doesn't matter if you win or lose, so long as you look good doing it!!!" :)


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Been riding MTB since about 92 and appreciate a good bike,but the older I get the more aware I am of youger generation staring at me at the top of the down hill track thinking to themselves "Who is this chubby middle aged fool sitting on this top of the line DH bike".Not that it will stop me from buying a new M9 but Ive done the hard yards the kids are growing up and I can afford one.Just wondering if anyone else seems to feel like this.

The thing is that the younger guys will make assumptions about the older guys (like that they have too much money and they're slow). And the older guys will make assumptions about the younger guys (oh he's got a decent bike his parents must have paid for it) and of course everyone may make assumptions about everyone else in general.

Now how do you know they're not just thinking "gee that's a nice bike, wish I could afford one".

Whatever your age, if you see a bike that's better than yours you're prone to look aren't you? It doesn't mean you're thinking negatively about the rider. Sure jealousy and envy will always be there amongst some though, so will self justifications and doubt amongst others. Why is it so hard not to care what others think?
Is it what they think or what you're thinking they're thinking?

The beauty about riding is that once you're heading down that track you've most probably forgot how much your bike is worth or what colour it is, even the brand written on the downtube. What you get out of it is what you put in on the trail, not the money you've spent on your bike, that's just a "nice to have".

But in the end what's the point of having money if you can't have some guilt free enjoyment out of it in your own way, whatever that may be (holidays, giving to others, buying materialistic stuff, whatever).

Lol maybe money can't buy happiness but would you rather be miserable drinking expensive champagne or miserable drinking plonk? ;)

I do wonder would they be thinking any different if the chubby middle aged fool was sitting on top of that hill one some elcheapo DH rig? Well apart from the fact that you wouldn't be on a bike they can envy, I'm sure they would still be curious about your riding ability, the sport does have a competitive nature to it after all.


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Is it what they think or what you're thinking they're thinking?
That sort of thinking does my head in! haha!

One other point, I do love my bike, but I'm no snob about it. I usually offer to share it with friends (as long as it comes back), but only one has ever taken it for a berl.

I dont know if they're worried about breaking it or what ?!? Maybe its just not their size ?!

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We're always going to make assumptions about others, it is I guess our nature. The beauty of age (about its only grace) is that I no longer care what others think.

I ride a nice bike because I can and I enjoy it (SC Nomad). It cost me plenty, however better that than a plasma IMO!

At least we are still out there doing..... there are a lot of young and old who have given up a long time ago! :)


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It's easy for me to remember a time when I was younger and always looking to pay out on someone for anything even if it was just jealousy shining through. I think the older I get the less I care what people think and am more accepting of people being people. I am just glad I am still out there and the fact I am on a schmick ride means I still love riding enough to know what difference a nice bike makes to riding. (And it makes it easier hehehe). Wouldn't anyone have the best dream bike in the world if they could? We just have a bit more cash or security.


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interesting how some of you guys should care what anyone thinks,pretty much all of the
young people i come across Downhilling are good,i dont own anything too flash but even
if i did i dont think i'd care about what people thought anyway,actually i used to cop more crap from my aged riding buddies about my old Kona stinky than the young guys drooling over my new(ish) glory.
recently ive started hitting the downhills on a hardtail not a good look for a 49 year old i'm
sure but hey,who cares? I'm fat and balding and look silly already,i'm just there for the ride


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Ride because you love it. Life is too short. I recently got back onto my bike after a long break, I'm a bit rusty but who cares - I'm having the time of my life. :cool: