Front end upgrades

Scotty T

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Ordered headset and spring. Damn, MTBD ran out of Debonair for my fork, in the last 3 hours. So it's cost me $2 more from Cyclinic because I had to pay for postage ;) Just hope they both arrive before next Friday.


Likes Bikes and Dirt
I'll bide my time for the Geometron/Mezzer upgrade. It seems I did at least one ride with the sagged fork and lack of damping without really noticing but I was only following @Litenbror on his HT ;)
Ha ha, want to explain to those playing along at home how you were as fast on a 1996 Mongoose at Stromlo as you are on a Carbon Santa Cruz?

Hardtails are the future baby.

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All that says is @Scotty T needs to push the bronson harder!

Don’t sweat the lowers service mate. Super easy. Just take your time first go, and be thorough with cleaning before you reassemble.