Goggles or Not


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goggles a must

After riding 2 years without goggles because I thought I didn't need them, I bought a pair of Oakley O Frames off CRC and I have to say its been the best investment yet. Not only do they keep the mud out but they also prevent you from your eyes watering like a tap when your coming down a single track at 60 km/h!
Goggles? Definitely for me.


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After scatching my eye riding xc over 10 years ago on a slow up hill I don't ride without some form of eye protection. So when I ride with a full face I always where goggles.
Life can suck when your vision is impaired. Go the goggles.


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my googles have a nice scratch on the right eye... it reminds of the time my front tyre washed out and faceplanted on rocks... and to think i wasnt going to wear them that run scares me what could have happened.