Good news for Hobart.

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by bhibbert, Feb 26, 2017.

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  2. nakedape

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    The government can shove their cable car up their fat fucking arises!

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  3. binner

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    such emotion

    ...what are "arises" ?
  4. nakedape

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    It's Tasmanian for arses (local spell-checker dialect)

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  5. rangersac

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    Firstly I'll state from the outset I'm not a cable car fan, despite the obvious benefit for MTB'ers it would have in providing a shuttle from the Rivulet to the top of the North South track. However despite my aesthetic objections there are two things that don't make any sense to me about this proposal.

    1. If it's going to run from the brewery to the summit, that's a fair trip so presumably a return trip won't be cheap. At a minimum I'd guess it'd be $50 an adult, likely more. So if you are going to cough up that amount of dough are you really going to do the trip if it's cloudy? And as any local will tell you the mountain has cloud on it more often than not!

    2. Cable cars generally don't run once winds attain gale force, or during lower average wind speeds when strong gusts are present. At the summit the average wind speed on Mt Wellington ranges between 25 and 35kph. That's the average, not including gust strength. So just how many days a year do they think it will be able to run?
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  6. tunsis

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    ^^ Correct, the viability of the whole thing is suspect when considering the number of cloudy days on the mountain (~200 per year from when I last investigated meteorological studies). The wind speeds alone are likely to further diminish the feasible days for it running.

    And then there is the aesthetics of it. Its completely unsuitable for what Tasmania should be aiming for - discreet tourism of a relatively unspoilt place vs. a fugly obvious scar on about the most iconic landmark in southern Tasmania.

    Sadly this land grab is all a smokescreen along the path of lobbying for the public funding of this development. The developers arent putting their own money up and wont release detailed information on who their funding sources are to be as presumably they dont exits...
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  7. single-pivot

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    Hobart has a very wait and see outlook ( like wait 20 years then we will see ) so cant see anything moving forward .
    You just have to look at there proposed trail building program ,for the mount wellington specific trails so many hoops to jump through takes decades.

    Shoot took 50 years to get a cafe caravan coffee spot on the springs doh.!
  8. pink poodle

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    Perhaps a well made road, a shuttle service, some walking and bike trails, and a great cafe and picnic area?
  9. nakedape

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    Yup! A good road + captive audience would see the Cafe make a killing. Add some trails & a southern version of Buck and peeps is sweet. Added bonus is no massive debt or eyesore sitting on some of the state's best rock climbing areas

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  10. pink poodle

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    Mount Cootha comes to mind.
  11. rone

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    Mount Cootha is a small hill by comparison.
  12. 99_FGT

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    That and Coot-tha doesn't get much below 10, and doesn't have a couple of metres of snow and 100+km/h winds to contend with
  13. pink poodle

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    I'm more referring to the accessibility and facilities offered...a nice tar road, a space for people, and some recreational space. If a cable car is such an expensive (how much are people going to fork out per ride?) and controversial option, can a similar outcome be achieved with a simpler solution?
  14. pink poodle

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    "metres of snow"...that's funny. If you'd said cold wet mushy shyte I'd have believed you.

    Don't really sound like a year round attraction.
  15. rangersac

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    The tar road(s) exists, the car parking space and picnic area exists, this mob does a shuttle and there's even a cafe of sorts there now.
  16. nakedape

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    Cool, kill the cable car and call it quits

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  17. pink poodle

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    Given this information, I'm baffled.
  18. PJO

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    So are many Hobartians, but we have martians in government so that probably explains some of it.
  19. pink poodle

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    There ain't no monorail and there never was.
  20. 99_FGT

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    If there are martians, they're gonna be a whole lot smarter than the ronsue show...

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