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Oh right, like all the boring self-righteous fuckwits virtue signalling how they were on the #deletefacebook bandwagon a couple of years ago only to come crawling back because they were all suffering from relevance deprivation syndrome.
They are all probably busy taking photos of themselves with smoothies on sunsetting beaches for Instagram.


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In Facebook I only ever see friends posts or from people in groups I'm a member of. Am I doing something wrong? If people get actual news from social media it's probably something to do with a cat and these people are likely not interested in what's happening in the real world around them.
My FB cat news is great for a laugh, too many sad people in this world.

News networks have already moved to youtube.



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I loved hearing this, laughed all the way to work this morning

Fark the government and fark the news outlets. Bookface, as shitty as it is, can pick the content they want to display. You can still get your fix of Andrew bolt rants by punching in his web address. This isn't censorship, it's just removing content they don't want displayed from a service they provide to the public for no fee. If you want a service to show the content you want, make your own.

I would have liked to have seen Google do something similar, was really looking forward to the grimaces on the faces of people trying to use bing as an alternative. Or punching in Alta Vista because that was the search engine they used before switching to google 20 years ago

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@Plankosaurus it is funny. I thought I'd put on tabloid news to see their reaction and yep footage of the Government complaining that some Health and BOM Facebook pages got caught up in the initial implementation of the news ban.
The news person then closed by saying 'don't worry we are still here via twitter, instagram and youtube' I wonder if they know who own instagram and youtube :)

I too was hoping Google to go down the same path but it seems some revenue might be more closely linked to large numbers of searches for news events.

Frydenberg hating on the tech giants is gold- I wonder if he will delete his FB and IG accounts now.


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yes downunderdalla, there should be content on the maydena page where is states "no posts yet"

pinkbike all articles gone, yet gmbn and vital are still there.

searching wider, bureau of metrologies page is gone. wtf.

queensland health gone. midst a pandemic.

one of the richest men in the world decides to censor a big part of the internet
Are we talking about Facebook pages here?


Do people really look at the internet solely through the lens of Facebook????


has moral fibre, who'd have thunk that?
Are we talking about Facebook pages here?


Do people really look at the internet solely through the lens of Facebook????
They do... The little rant of my FIL about Daniel Andrews is a product of facebook and the herald sun.


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Interesting. However "threatening to bring an entire country to its knees" is pushing the bullshit needle close to critical.

Although given 000 was flooded with calls when Facebook briefly went down a couple of years ago perhap it isn't...
I guess given this is kind of an against the news sites thing from Facebook I understand the vitriol coming from them - But in a week it will be status quo - What's the alternative to Facebook? It is so ingrained in the culture of people they will just continue to use it. So many news sites suddenly plugging their own apps for news now too - Funny how when they had to pay to distribute their own news they were ready to go - But were happy to tag along on Facebook coat tails whilst it was popular and "Free"


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But in a week it will be status quo - What's the alternative to Facebook? It is so ingrained in the culture of people they will just continue to use it.
I honestly have no idea. This is kinda without precedent but yeah it's not like there's an alternative - and I don't think there ever will be given the critical mass FB / Twitter etc. have. I'm fascinated to see what happens next.


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I like many am amused at the carry on particularly by the government when they decided to bring a slightly pointy stick to a gun fight. Facebook is afaik a privately owned product/company and zuckenberg can do whatever the hell he wants with his product.
It is a timely reminder however though that you cannot put all your eggs in someone else's basket. For too long Facebook has been used as the primary source for too many things, whether it be news and information or even products and purchases.
We have given Facebook all the power and ignored their devious and down right illegal process for convenience. Hopefully this is now the time to cut the chord and find better and fairer avenues for our goods and services. Government agencies in particular are insane for using Facebook as their primary information source and hopefully now return to more traditional and trusted means of getting their word out. I imagine web designers and SEO companies are about to get really wealthy.

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The world will move on. No one will care once the story dies down. Give it a week until they find another bone to chew on.
FB will forget news and go on as it is now while Google will wonder if they made the right choice paying anyhow.

Not that either FB, Google nor the media conglomerates are endearing in any way. The onslaught of the usual suspect news sites pushing their own agenda hard against FB is just as disappointing.

Not like these news publishers didn't see this situation coming, like for what, 10 years+. Print media is on life support and they have been lost of how to find relevance in the digital world while bumbling any chance to have big footprint in it. They never liked the idea of people getting free content and have actively pushed for regular joes to pay via paywalls and this is an extension of it at a corporate and government enforced level.

They never adapted well to a world outside of printing and probably never will. How many news sites have you seen with 'Support local journalism. Buy a subscription' as the welcome mat. Meanwhile. their 'customers' will go to any length not to pay for their news online.

Why anyone would put FB as the 'source of truth' is another thing I'll never figure out.

It is funny mud slinging mess to watch unfold nonetheless. Good for comedy value alone.

I honestly couldn't care less if they all got swallowed up by Sarlacc looking sinkhole and were never heard from again.


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Yesterday I was pretty much:"who cares, bring on the lulz" - but I've since changed my mind a bit.

This disproportionately affects smaller and independent news outlets, and also the community groups (especially socially disadvantaged) who (rightly or wrongly) have implemented Facebook as the way to disseminate information and support. I don't think they should be blamed for setting up with Facebook - it was the mechanism at the time and allowed to develop into what it was without much regulation.

Do I care if Facebook exists? Not really - do I care if we subsequently alienate and disadvantage people because we allowed one bully to get in the ears of our Govt and provoke a retaliation that benefits the larger news media? yup.


has moral fibre, who'd have thunk that?
Why anyone would put FB as the 'source of truth' is another thing I'll never figure out.
That’s because you have some basic critical thought abilities. By no stretch of the imagination a universal situation.